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WAMAS WMS Online Training

WAMAS is an efficient, flexible, and dependable logistics solution software from an industry leading supplier of the most developed automated distribution centers, SSI SCHAEFER. The vertically combined Warehouse Management, Execution and Controls System grants various functionalities for clients to run facilities at the mechanical level while maintaining enterprise level insights all from the same platform. WAMAS Warehouse Management system training guides you how to set up and use WAMAS Warehouse Management.

 WAMAS WMS implements following:

  • Quickly and correctly receive goods
  • Manage internal flow of materials
  • Lead employees through operational processes
  • Make sure ideal usage of storage space
  • Permits high goods throughput
  • Integrate all warehouse processes and information in the control center

 WAMAS WMS training will help you to expertise in your organization through role-based professional training.

 Benefits of a WAMAS WMS include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher inventory visibility
  • Efficient labor management
  • Improved customer and supplier relations
  • Greater security

 WAMAS gives you one-stop solutions:

  • WMS with standardized processes
  • MFS for high-performance automation
  • Integration of SSI SCHAEFER and third-party components
  • Picking solutions
  • Warehouse control center and information system

 WAMAS WMS provides you with:

  • Extensive functions ranging from warehouse management to the material flow system
  • Compatible with all SSI SCHAEFER components and interfaces to third-party systems
  • Extensive monitoring and control functions
  • Interfaces to a broad range of ERP systems

 WAMAS Lighthouse enables you to monitor, control, and optimize the productivity of your overall system. You can view the logistics process using freely configurable dashboards and enhance the efficiency of your logistics processes thanks to the KPIs.


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