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Vault RIM Training  provides an authoritative source for regulatory
documents and information globally. Content and data converge in a
single cloud platform that unifies registration tracking, correspondence
and commitments, submission document management, dossier
publishing, and regulatory submission archiving. Veeva Vault RIM
Corporate Training not only manages regulated documents, but also
tracks critical information from product development to
commercialization. Vault RIM Online Training able to manage this
unique combination of documents and data, organizations improve
efficiency and gain deeper insight.

what does Veeva vault do?
Basically, Veeva Vault Training is a cloud-based content management system Training its individually designed for the life sciences industry. It offers a secure platform for companies in the life sciences industry to manage their commands, including documents, data, and information related to clinical trials, regulatory submissions, quality management, and whole commercial operations.
Veeva Vault is used by a range of life sciences organizations, including pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, as well as contract research organizations (CROs) and academic institutions. It allows these organizations to streamline their content management processes, improve collaboration, and ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.
the top five activities of Veeva Vault, including document management, data management, workflow management, electronic signatures, and audit trails.  It also provides features for managing and tracking regulative submissions, as well as managing content related to clinical trials and other research studies in labs. Overall, Veeva Vault Training is designed to help life sciences (research and development) companies manage their content more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to bring new products to market faster while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.
Is Veeva Vault the same-age salesforce?
No, Veeva Vault (Veeva Vault Training) is not the same age as Salesforce. But yes, it's true, both companies were founded in the month of June 2000 and are headquartered in California; they were founded by different individuals and institutes and serve different industries. Salesforce was founded in the year1999 by Marc Benioff and three other co-founders and initially offered cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software to businesses. In this current time , Salesforce has expanded its product offerings to include a wide range of enterprise software solutions, including marketing automation, analytics, and customer service management. Veeva was founded in 2007 by Peter Gasser, a former executive at Salesforce, and it initially focused on providing cloud-based software solutions specifically for the life sciences industry. Veeva's first product was a CRM system designed for pharmaceutical sales representatives, and it has since expanded its product offerings to include a variety of content management, data management, and analytics solutions tailored to the needs of life sciences companies. While Salesforce and Veeva are separate companies that offer different products, they do have some overlap in their customer bases. Many life sciences companies that use Veeva's products also use Salesforce's CRM software, and Veeva has partnerships with Salesforce to integrate its products with Salesforce's platform. Salesforce training and Veeva Vault training are also different.
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Course Content



Veeva Vault Fundamentals

Locate Content

Manage Documents

Veeva Platform Business Administrator-1

Create Crosslinks between Vaults

Manage User Groups

Manage Data and Picklists

Manage Templates

Veeva Platform Business Administrator-2

Create a Report Type

Create a Report

Create a Dashboard

Veeva Platform System Administrator-1

User Accounts and System Security

Veeva Platform System Administrator-2

Document type and Field administration

Veeva Platform System Administrator-3

Object Maintenance

Veeva Platform System Administrator-4

Troubleshoot and Maintain Lifecycles

Veeva Platform System Administrator-5

Troubleshoot and Maintain Dynamic Access Control

Veeva Platform Advanced Concepts-1

Design a Lifecycle

Design a Workflow

Dynamic Access Control

Veeva Platform Advanced Concepts-2

Configure a Document Lifecycle

Configure Dynamic Access Control for Documents

Configure a Review Workflow

Veeva Platform Advanced Concepts-3

Configure Vault Objects

Configure an Object Lifecycle

Configure Object Security

Veeva Platform Advanced Concepts-4

Configure Object Workflows

Configure Migration


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Sanjay Varma
Veeva vault RIM Training

'm in US and I have taken Veeva Vault - RIM training from Proexcellency . instructor is knowledgeful and with good experience. Learned a lot and will recommend to anyone who are new to Veeva vault.