Veeva Vault Quality Online Training

Veeva Vault Quality  management Training course Provided by Proexcellency 

Proexcellency provided Veeva Vault Quality management Online training it is a Market leading salesforce CRM Module Training  Which is helps organisations To helps External audits, lab investigations etc.

Veeva Vault QMS is a cloud-based quality management solution that can easily accessible, and provides best practice. Manage for deviations, internal and external audits, complaints, lab investigations, change controls, CAPAs, and proactive management initiatives.



Veeva Vault Fundamentals

Vault Training (Quality) Features

Manage Documents

Veeva Platform Business Administrator-1

Create Crosslinks between Vaults

Manage User Groups

Manage Data and Picklists

Manage Templates

Veeva Platform Business Administrator-2

Create a Report Type

Create a Report

Create a Dashboard

Vault Training (Quality) System Administrator-1

User Accounts and System Security

Vault Training (Quality) System Administrator-2

Document type and Field administration

Vault Training (Quality) System Administrator-3

Vault Training (Quality) Object Maintenance

Vault Training (Quality) System Administrator-4

Troubleshoot and Maintain Lifecycles

Vault Training (Quality) System Administrator-5

Troubleshoot and Maintain Dynamic Access Control

Vault Training (Quality) Advanced Concepts-1

Design a Lifecycle

Design a Workflow

Dynamic Access Control

Vault Training (Quality) Advanced Concepts-2

Configure a Document Lifecycle

Configure Dynamic Access Control for Documents

Configure a Review Workflow

Vault Training (Quality) Advanced Concepts-3

Configure Vault Objects

Configure an Object Lifecycle

Configure Object Security

Vault Training (Quality) Advanced Concepts-4

Configure Object Workflows

Configure Migration


Veeva vault quality online Training ByProexcellency.

Modernize over all quality administration with Vault Quality Suitethat brings in sync quality processes, content, lab, and trainingmanagement applications on a one cloud platform.

 Features :

  • Controlled Content Access and Copy Distribution:

riskless access and handle documents from any leading web browser, or if enabled, print, distribute, and track controlled PDF replicas.


  • Quality Document Taxonomy:

Predefined document taxonomy, metadata, and pick lists for quality, producing, and validation documents facilitate operational harmonization and permit organizations to immediately accept best practices.


  • Document Change Control:

Easily track and manage document changes, along with withdrawal, confirmation of updated content, and unleash to be used. Automatically assemble proposed changes and reason for adjustment to support future analysis.


  • Comprehensive Audit Trail:

skilfullyillustrate compliance with briefanalysis trails capturing every event in a document’s history, along with document approvers and reviewers, status changes, execution of a signature, and more further.


  • Electronic Signature and Manifestation:

Accept documents applying electronic signatures and manifestations that are flexible with Title 21 CFR Part11 and Annex11.


  • Real-time Collaborative Authoring:

flawless integration among Vault and Microsoft Office Online implements real-time corporative authority.



  • Configurable Quality Workflows:

Tailor quality workflows like document expiration, periodic review notification, and training flags to fulfil distinct business needs. simply extend workflows to quality management and learning management systems for streamlining quality processes.

 Interactive Dashboards and Reports:

View the whole status of content and processes and analyze the state of control, bottlenecks, and risks with self-service dashboards and reports. simplygenerate and share reports with your colleagues and partners.



30-35 hrs

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