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Veeva Vault Fundamentals

eTMF Features

Manage Documents

Veeva Platform Business Administrator-1

Create Crosslinks between Vaults

Manage User Groups

Manage Data and Picklists

Manage Templates

Veeva Platform Business Administrator-2

Create a Report Type

Create a Report

Create a Dashboard

Clinical eTMFVault System Administrator-1

User Accounts and System Security

Clinical eTMF Vault System Administrator-2

Document type and Field administration

Clinical eTMF VaultSystem Administrator-3

eTMFObject Maintenance

Clinical eTMF VaultSystem Administrator-4

Troubleshoot and Maintain Lifecycles

Clinical eTMF VaultSystem Administrator-5

Troubleshoot and Maintain Dynamic Access Control

Clinical eTMF Vault Advanced Concepts-1

Design a Lifecycle

Design a Workflow

Dynamic Access Control

Clinical eTMF VaultAdvanced Concepts-2

Configure a Document Lifecycle

Configure Dynamic Access Control for Documents

Configure a Review Workflow

Clinical eTMF VaultAdvanced Concepts-3

Configure Vault Objects

Configure an Object Lifecycle

Configure Object Security

Clinical eTMF VaultAdvanced Concepts-4

Configure Object Workflows

Configure Migration



VeevaVault eTMF online Training ByProexcellency.

Veeva Vault Clinical Suite is the industry's first cloud platform that associate EDC, eSource, CTMS, eTMF, study start-up, and site document transfer to deliver the most broadsuite of clinical cloud applications.


Vault eTMF is the only software that directs documents in real-time as the TMF is made to ensure a constant state of analysis readiness, boost visibility and oversight, and enhance collaboration.




  • Stay Inspection Ready: Ensure a constant state of inspection readiness by managing all TMF documents and processes in the same eTMF system.


  • Streamline Collaboration: Give study teams a real-time view of TMF completeness to help sponsors, CROs, and sites work together to accelerate trials.


  • Unify Clinical Operations: Speed trial execution by leveraging the most comprehensive suite of clinical applications on a single cloud platform


Features :

  • Configurable Reports and Dashboards:

instantaneouslyconvert insight into response. notice what’s required, what’s completed, and what’s missing in your eTMF uninterrupted. quickly report on any data collected in the system.


  • eTMF Homepage:

look and assess critical metrics – along with timeliness, quality, and completeness – about the well-being of your TMF.


  • Quality Control and Issue Management:

boost the accuracy of eTMF on current basis with understanding document review layout and built-in quality control workflows.


  • Intuitive Searching and Filtering:

changing filters help you search and review critical trial information quickly. Modeled after client web applications, you can find and review document content and metadata synchronously.


  • TMF Bot:

Process documents more rapidly and increase TMF consent with the TMF Bot, an artificial intelligence function that automatically arrange uploaded and mobile-scanned reports.


  • Real-time Collaborative Authoring:

flawless integration amongVeeva Vault and Microsoft Office Online provides real-time corporative authority, review, and approval into flexible approach.


  • Full TMF Reference Model Support:

Vault eTMF is pre-configured to support the documents, properties, relationships, and hierarchies of the ongoing and earlier TMF Reference Models for core and suggested documents.


30-35 hrs

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