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Proexcellency Provide Veeva CRM Training - Veeva CRM is related to Content Management programs and  user friendly because this content is created and it is transferred to other channels easily.

You learn from this Veeva CRM course how to create a customer- attractive business that will keep customers satisfied and coming back for more.You'll well know how to use SalesForce to improve your customer service, whether you use a product-based or service-based business By learning the both of this valuable customer relationship management program, your sales and service teams will be focus and achieve at the top of their game.Upgrade How to Effectively Use SalesForce to Manage Customer Relationships, Manage Leads and Track Opportunities to Increase Sales,Create Reports, Collaborate, and Manage a Sales Team Concatenate to Social Networks and Improve Customer Satisfaction level.Solicitation Customer Satisfaction and Sales in Any Business by Using SalesForce With a customer relationship management (CRM) program . Salesforce is one of them, you'll have the tools necessary to encourage and maintain customer loyalty, and this could lead to increased profit.
Throughout this course, you'll master to teach you how to use this in-demand software to reduce costs and increase profitability every day.
we covered Topics include tracking activities and planning , collaborating with team, and managing leads.
You'll also get knowledge how to effectively track sales opportunities, run reports and create dashboards, and also connect SalesForce to your social networks for better evolution.

Viva CRM (CRM) online training can provide a number of benefits to organizations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries,

including Increased productivity: By learning to use Veeva CRM effectively and efficiently, employees can save time and increase productivity when managing customer interactions and data. 

Improved customer engagement: With Veeva CRM, employees can have access to a complete view of customer interactions and data, which can help them better understand customer needs and preferences and improve engagement. 

Regulatory compliance: Veeva CRM is designed to help organisations comply with regulatory requirements for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, such as the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11. Training can help ensure employees understand and follow the procedures necessary to meet these requirements.

Better Data Management: Veeva CRM provides a centralised location for storing customer data, which can help employees more easily access and manage this information. This can also help improve the accuracy and completeness of the data.

Increased Sales: By learning to use Veeva CRM to its full potential, employees can improve their ability to identify sales opportunities and close deals, which can help increase revenue.

Better Team Collaboration: Veeva CRM enables teams to share information and collaborate effectively, which can improve the overall performance of your sales and marketing teams.

What is Veeva CRM administrator training?

Veeva CRM Administrator Training – Veeva CRM is the original Veeva application, built on the platform. This multi-day course prepares users to implement and perform ongoing CRM administration tasks.

 What are the topics covered in the Veeva CRM data analysis course?

Topics covered include look out the data model for core Veeva CRM functionality, understanding report types, creating various CRM reports, and displaying reports data in meaningful system dashboard.

What are standard metrics in Veeva CRM 22r1?
Veeva CRM Standard Metrics enable customers to capture better insights, normalize data across regions and orgs, and increase downstream innovation. The following standard metrics fields will be mandatory in 22R1


Does Veeva CRM support Salesforce MFA?
Veeva CRM was reviewed and tested with Salesforce MFA enabled. Veeva CRM on Online, iOS, Windows, and WeChat platforms all support MFA without configuration changes. Users who log in with delegated Auth using Ping Identity need to use Salesforce Authenticator.
why choose  Veeva CRM training with proexcellency?
Get Live interaction sessions with industry experts in the Veeva CRM Course. Upskill and advance your career in sales force industry with this program by more then 10+ years experience consultant. part time payment also available. Apply Online.  r u ready for training with industry - best Faculty. proexcellency offers instructor-led, self-paced web based and custom-tailored training solutions designed to fit every organization’s budget, time, and training requirements.

Veeva is a CRM application built on the Salesforce platform designedspecifically for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They are a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. Veeva CRM Training helps pharma companies manage sales, control operations, and follow health industry regulations. Veeva CRM is the most advanced and proven life sciences CRM solution preferred by field teams to help them optimize the customer experience. Veeva CRM Corporate online training provide data, software, services and an extensive ecosystem of partners to support your most critical functions from R&D through commercial. Veeva CRM Online Training helps companies of all sizes bring products to market faster and more
efficiently, and maintain compliance.
Put your Customer at the center: Veeva CRM Online Training helps in
improving planning,execution and collaboration across team to deliver a
personalized customer experience.
Drive the right actions for greater impact: Increase field team
effectiveness by engaging the right customers in the right channel.
Optimize engagement through actionable insights: Boost Customer
interactions through actionable, data driven delivered directly at the point
of execution.



Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Veeva

Module 2: Overview of Admin Console

Module 3: Data Access Security

Module 4: Application Configuration

Module 5: Creating Custom Objects.

Module 6: Veeva Configuration Utilities

Module 7: My Accounts Configuration

Module 8: Account Object configuration

Module 09: Veeva Functionality

Module 10: Products and My setup

Module 11: Products Metrics Configuration

Module 12: Call Management Configuration

Module 13: Data Loader introduction

Module 14: Territory Management

Module 15: iREP CRM and CLM Overview

Module 16: Creating Reports and Dashboards


30-35 hrs

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