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Veeam Online Training

Veeam is the leader in backup, recovery and data management solutions that deliver Modern Data Protection. Veeam has become a popular in backup and data recovery in virtual environments. Their platform makes sure that data is available and protected, no matter where it is located virtual, physical, or cloud. Veeam has a suite of products to support in data backup and recovery across several platforms. The products range from enterprise solutions like their Availability Suite, to free backup and replication versions for enterprises that are new to data management and recovery.


  • Backup and recovery options for efficient restorations
  • Data reuse for testing, mining, and DevOps
  • Replications and disaster recovery orchestration for critical applications
  • Monitoring and analytics for added visibility, speed, and security
  • Storage and management APIs offer scalability for growing networks

 Veeam uses:

Veeam knows that small businesses have the same requirement for backup and replication solutions as do enterprises just not at the same scale. Veeam Backup Essentials offers a single platform for physical, virtual, and cloud backups. Essentials consists of Veeam’s Backup & Replication and Veeam One for secure data protection and monitoring. Finding ways to protect data and make sure business continuity can be challenging for small businesses that lack time and resources. Backup Essentials offers businesses with the ability to consolidate their data backup and replication processes into a single platform that can support a range of workloads consists of Windows, Mac, AWS, and more.


Veeam Backup Tool Contents:

  1. Backup,Archive and Restore
  2. Veeam backup tool overview and Versions details
  3. Veeam Backup Architecture and Their Components
  4. Backup Process flow in Veeam
  5. Repository and their types
  6. Backup process flow in Veeam
  7. Services in Veeam
  8. Gateway server, mount server ,Guest interaction proxy, WAN accelerator,Log shipping servers
  9. Veeam backup enterprise manager,Veeam one reporting tool
  10. Backup copy types
  11. Veeam ZIP, Active full and Quick backup
  12. Types of backups and Their extentions
  13. Configuration backup
  14. Backup job and Backup job creation
  15. Veeam Editions
  16. Licensing and Their types
  17. Version Upgrade
  18. Interview Questions






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