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TIBCO Spotfire Online Training

TIBCO Spotfire is a data visualization platform that targets to speed individual time to insight and spur analytics adoption across the organization. According to the vendor, Spotfire enables users quickly and easily generate insights with three new ways to support their analytical preferences: NLQ powered search, AI-driven recommendations, and direct manipulation. Users can add context with native streaming for combined analyses of real-time and historical data, best-in-class GeoAnalytics, and one-click predictive analytics to go after basic visualizations and understand the factors driving trends and what will happen next. TIBCO Cloud Spotfire offers the same business intelligence tools as Spotfire Desktop, along with web authoring.

Tibco Spotfire features:
 Fast deployment: Freely distributed assists materials include product templates and
sample solutions that will enable you get started faster. In TIBCO Community, users
of the system also exchange tips and tricks, videos, articles, and extra useful
 Big Data Analytics: TIBCO Spotfire combines real-time streaming data with current
and historical data from all repositories and sources.
 Collaboration and collaboration: Use discussions and comments, filtered analysis
reports to share appropriate information for effective collaboration. Focus data
points for more accurate data display by adding comments to the marked data so
that your audience can easily navigate the analysis results.
 Easy access to information: Spotfire offers a secure connection and integration of
data from files, relational and NoSQL data warehouses, from sources such as OLAP,
Hadoop and web services, along with for cloud applications like Google Analytics and

TIBCO Spotfire Benefits:
o Cutting Costs
The software enables users to manage hundreds to thousands of users over
Intranet/Internet networks with the use of a single database, significantly reducing
the ownership cost. This makes the software an ideal choice for businesses or
individuals who need a good tool but have limited funds.

o Offers important features needed to analyze data
The software is purpose-built specifically for analysis designers as well as real
analysts. It features cross analysis functions, among others, making it a platform
robust enough not just for reporting but also for finding features and analyzing.
o Lots of visualization
The data collected can be presented in pie charts, heat maps, line graphs, and more.
Therefore, users have options as to how the data will be presented in ways that can
be easily understood.
o Works with third-party tools
The platform can integrate with numerous third-party tools, databases, and
applications, making it possible to handle all the data in just one place. TIBCO
Spotfire can connect with the R Project, enabling users to conduct more advanced
o Flexible
The platform offers a vast degree of flexibility, giving the users freedom to decide
how to implement the system.
What is TIBCO Spotfire used for?
From interactive dashboards and visualizations to predictive analytics, TIBCO Spotfire
software is an enterprise analytics platform that enables scientists quickly explore data to spot actionable insights instantly, without requiring IT intervention.


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