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SYSPRO procurement online training

For supply chain leaders, strategic procurement software and sourcing optimization play a
vital role in mitigating immediate risks and planning for future challenges. Success depends
on finding the optimal balance to satisfy all stakeholders:
The right equilibrium between supply and demand, inventory on hand and cash in the bank,
strategic partnerships but firm supplier management.

Improve your procurement processes using SYSPRO ERP:
 Dark Purchasing: SYSPRO ERP provides the necessary controls and traceability to set
limits and prevent overspending. Requests are automatically routed to the
appropriate manager, and workflow notifications prevent process bottlenecks. AI
capabilities detect anomalies and reduce the risk of fraud.
 Collaboration with Suppliers: Collaboration and engagement between buyers and
suppliers is facilitated through SYSPRO's Supply He Chain Portal. This integrated
online platform minimizes document handling, improves transparency and
governance, streamlines and accelerates procurement processes, and ensures
ultimate reliability in fulfilment and delivery.
 Distribution of supplies: SYSPRO ERP provides the ability to regulate supply
agreements and enforce policies by automating supplier selection in the purchasing
process. And by extending online self-service for RFPs to suppliers, suppliers can be
on boarded faster by streamlining processes, minimizing document handling, and
improving transparency and governance.
 Required accuracy: SYSPRO ERP provides advanced forecasting, demand planning,
and modeling with "what-if" capabilities that show inventory and fulfillment time
trade-offs. This allows you to accurately determine purchasing needs and prevent
product inventory obsolescence.
 Optimization of cash flow: SYSPRO ERP provides core financial and accounting
functionality that enables timely, accurate, and efficient management of expenses
and payments, but more than that, it provides a 360-degree view of the factors that
impact financial health. Includes integrated manufacturing and operations
capabilities that provide a complete picture of It affects time.


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