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SYSPRO Inventory Management online training

At any point in the process, SYSPRO Inventory Management gives you instant access to
inventory levels, open purchase orders, work orders, and open sales orders. You also have
the flexibility to calculate inventory by warehouse, track inventory, and see goods in transit.
Why is effective inventory management critical to business success?
 Business growth
As your business grows, the types and amounts of inventory increase and need to be
 Capital
Many manufacturing companies hold close to 50% of their capital in inventory.
 Raw material costs
The main cost component of many products has shifted to materials.
 Cash Flow
There is a direct link between managing inventory effectively and improved cash flow.
Manufacturers and distributors must respond quickly to customer demands and make
intelligent, cost-effective decisions in order to remain competitive.
SYSPRO Inventory Management gives you more control over your inventory by providing
greater accuracy and visibility to inventory information throughout the organization.
Key benefits of Inventory Management:
 Effective control of supply and demand
 Costing methods per warehouse
 Average, standard, last, LIFO, or FIFO
 Actual cost tracking for lot traceable or batch serialized items
 Multiple pricing options, including quantity-based, discounted, and contract
 Powerful queries into movements and all inventory touch-points in the system

Powerful tools and modules within SYSPRO:

 Traceability including Lot and Batch Control as well as Quality Control of both raw
materials and finished goods
 Manage Inventory usage/consumption, reorder, ageing, expiration, write offs, stock
turns and fast/slow movement
 Valuation and costing to calculate the cost of goods sold, and of sending inventory
 Warehouse control with QR & Barcode scanning capability
 Real-time data insights and user-friendly reporting for improved decision making and


30-35 hrs

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