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Seeburger Online Training

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) is a combined, agile, secure, and scalable
platform that solves integration challenges across your business and ecosystem, so that you can make beneficial connections between clouds, applications, and people.
Our platform offers integration across all scenarios, including B2B/EDI, MFT, API and ERP on- premises, in the cloud and hybrid, additionally to expert support that is unmatched in the industry for your simplest to your most complex integrations. Your APIs are likely multiplying quickly, and if you are looking for a solution to control, secure and scale them properly, you get all the benefits and less of the hassle with our API
Management toolkit.

Salary package:
Minimum salary of Seeburger consultant depends on the role you are applying for. For
Software Engineer the minimum salary is ₹6.3 Lakhs per year, for Integration Consultant the minimum salary is ₹8.5 Lakhs per year and so on.

Advantages of the SEEBURGER:
Secure operation and compliance with all regulation:
As a platform, BIS offers all necessary tools and interfaces to ensure operation and
compliance with regulations.
High scalability and flexible deployment:
Due to the modular service-oriented design, the BIS Platform can be distributed across
several servers and network zones. This allows flexible setup with respect tosoftw performance, availability, security, and functionality.
Role based user experience:
To increase organizational agility and innovation BIS provides modern user interfaces which can be customized by role.
Predefined solution packages:
Reduce time and effort to ensure quick Return on Investment.
High-Performance development tools:
Allow users to implement complex individual requirements – via graphical orchestration of communication and data integration components.


30-35 hrs

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