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SAS Finance Online Training

SAS finance is a comprehensive solution for enterprise planning, budgeting, consolidation, and reporting. Perform instant consolidations, design more accurate budgets, report, and analyze results, understand revenue, and manage the execution of strategy. SAS finance software is built specifically for the requirement of large organizations, so drawing data from various viewpoints and consolidating them into a single platform makes the process easier to complete.
SAS software for finance is a useful asset because it optimises data management in a
complex technical environment, making reporting and data entry easier to complete. SAS analytics eases data management and information delivery using a pre-built data model to deliver a consistent view of the data, which is useful for optimizing data collection and analysis. The platform also aids in regulation because it supports multiple accounting standards.

 Dynamic consolidation
Offers a common data repository for on-demand access to actual and planning data.
 Accounting logic
Assists multiple accounting standards, partial ownership consolidations and robust,
flexible currency handling.
 Budgeting & planning
Assists rolling forecasts, top-down and bottom-up budgeting, and budget-cycle
 Information delivery
Provides efficient report distribution to a large and diverse users community.
 Data management
Offers a prebuilt data model that creates a consistent view and gives true integration
with other SAS solutions.

Salary package:
SAS Financial Analyst salary ranges between ₹ 9.0 Lakhs to ₹ 26.2 Lakhs per year.


30-35 hrs

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