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SAP Yard Logistics, optimize your yard processes for better resource usage, planning,
visibility, and data insights. Yard processes are complex, and yard planning activities are
often done manually utilizing spreadsheets, leaving room for errors. As well, the back-and-
forth communication with carriers degrades operational efficiency.

Key Capabilities:
 Order and appointment planning and check-in:
 Improve resource use to reduce idle time and avoid intermediate storage and
wasteful movement.
 Plan incoming and outgoing transport with more system support and collaboration
with carriers.

 Yard execution and processing:
 Deliver products and services faster and improve customer service with visibility and
 Accelerate activity execution to increase the throughput of the yard.

 Integration capabilities and monitoring:
 Use comprehensive graphical monitoring to identify, avoid, and solve potential
issues with insight.
 Manage the end-to-end processes by combining supply chain management software
in the cloud.

Key Benefits:
 Improve visibility into your processes
Get products and services to market faster and enhance customer service by
identifying, avoiding, and solving potential issues with greater insight and control.
 Accelerate gate-in and gate-out processes

Achieve a significant reduction in processing time and staffing requirements by
supporting capabilities for executing activities faster and increasing yard throughput.
 Use assets and areas more efficiently
Increase the productivity of your existing equipment – such as shag trucks and
shunting locomotives – to lower your overall need for additional resources.

Uses of Yard Logistics:
Companies with yards need professional logistics processes to be able to withstand the
competitive pressure in the worldwide markets. The yards need to be supported by a highly
integrated and easy-to-use system in a complete supply chain. The SAP Yard Logistics
solution provides check-in to check-out support for transportation units and is focused on
the functionalities of Planning, Execution, Yard Operations, Yard Monitoring and Billing.


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