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SAP Wholesale distribution online training

SAP Wholesale distribution enables retailers with warehouse and bin management,
inventory planning and forecasting, pick and packing facility, integrated inventory system
with finance and import and export operations. It automates the supply and distribution
chain and offers a real-time view of all the transactions. Combination with eCommerce
portals is easy and the inventory planner checks the stock constantly. Automated operations
simplify the order-to-cash process and complex operations of import and export. It assists
mobility and can be customized according to the business.

Key Features:
 Supply Chain Planning: Make sure timely and accurate forecasts with demand
sensing and planning.
 Resource Planning: Solve unexpected situations with resource planning and
allocation management.
 Procurement: Decrease purchase cost with partially refunding of purchase prices
with rebate management.
 Data Management: Automate invoices, discounts, and taxations. Simplify how data
from accounts payable vendors is maintained.
 Supplier Risk Management: Perform supplier risk management with third-party risk
and data augmentation.

Benefits of SAP Wholesale and Distribution Industry:
 Automated supply and distribution chain.
 Optimized inventory management.
 Modernized process for delivery and payment.
 Efficient order-to-cash process through automation in operations.
 Real-time view of all transactions.
 Well-organized complex operations of Import and Export.
 Cost-effective and value-added services.

 Self-service capabilities for customers and suppliers
 Tracking customer demand and purchasing behaviour


30-35 hrs

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