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Sap WCM Online Training

Work Clearance Management (WCM) in Plant Maintenance is used to control and monitor the safety measures. It offers safe working conditions for employees in the organization and follows the environmental protection regulations. You can make sure safe working conditions for the employees in your maintenance department, adhere to environmental protection regulations, and make sure the reliability of your technical systems. To make sure that the numerous safety conditions in the workplace are observed, work clearance management must be planned exactly and organized consistently. In an organization, workplace safety depends on several factors −

 Task category
 Technical specifications of the system
 Organization within the maintenance department
 Employee skills and education

Work Clearance Management is integrated in the Plant Maintenance (PM) component. It is by that means possible to consider aspects of safety in the workplace in addition to the traditional tasks of planning work (material planning, scheduling). Not only must the
different tasks be planned, but also how the affected system parts can be processed safely.

Implementation of WCM:
The use of the Work Clearance Management component is recommended in all companies where specific safety regulations apply. These regulations can consist of laws on the maintenance of industrial health and safety standards and needs for dealing with hazardous goods. However, the use of this component is also recommended for the following operational requirements:
 Your employees in plant maintenance work in a crucial environment in which they
are exposed to a high risk of accidents. This can consist of high voltage, radioactivity,
and gases.
 Your employees must work under difficult conditions. These can consist of restricted
space or visibility, heat, noise, and dust.

 There are typical work-related illnesses in your industry which require special health
and safety measures.
 You must perform some work during the system is operative.
 Functional safety devices are not available for all technical systems.
 Additional parts of the system must not be affected under any circumstances.
This component is utilized in the chemical, oil, gas, and utilities industries.


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Meghan Chachad
Sap WCM Online Training

I enrolled for SAP WCM and satisfactorily completed. Co-ordination by Mr. Shiva is good for everything. Trainer maintain good relation with me and with curriculum has good experience.