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SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) is a complete solution that automates the flow of purchase
invoices. It is exclusive to large enterprises and shared service centres in corporate groups
where the number of financial documents processed reaches thousands per month.
SAP Vendor Invoice Management optimizes and simplifies the process of incoming vendor
invoices by digitizing the invoices, parking the document in the SAP system, executing, and
monitoring the multi-level approval process (workflow) up to the release of payment to the
SAP VIM utilizes the SAP HANA platform to support processes and reports from the system,
which positively affects the processing time and efficiency. The simplification of processes,
particularly in the area of services for suppliers, has been achieved by along with the SAP
Ariba platform in the solution.
The solutions provided for a full audit of the system activities, and thus guarantee the
transparency of the process from ordering to payment.

Its main functions in the invoice flow process consists of:
recording of financial documents,
tracking of a document in the process,
automatic posting of documents with a purchase order.

Faster payment processing and minimizes operating costs of the invoice flow process are
the best measurable, but not the only advantage of implementing SAP VIM.
A higher level of efficiency of the invoice handling process is achieved through the
discarding of the paper document flow and the automation of this process, together with
support for exceptions that occur in the handling of invoices.
The establishment of and compliance with the rules of the flow of financial documents
required by the system configuration contribute to the transparency of the process and
enable gain full control over the flow of financial documents in the company.


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