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  • Introduction of SAPUI5/FIORI.
  • Overview of designing the Proto Types in Sap Fiori.
  • Project structure of SAP UI5/Fiori Application.
  • Architecture of SAPUI5.
  • Overview on MVC model.
  • Fiori Design Principles.
  • Overview on End to End Data flow.
  • Overview of Odata Service.

 Introduction to SAP Fiori

  • What is Sap Fiori? Compatibility of fiori.
  • FIORI Architecture.
  • FIORI Launchpad and Application Types.
  • Creating Extension project for a standard fiori Application.
  • View Modification.
  • View Extension.
  • Controller Extension.
  • Exercise on Simple Fiori Application Customization.

 Introduction to SAP WEBIDE& Eclipse.

  • Creating Account in Hana trial.
  • Features of WEBIDE.
  • Eclipse set up and Development tool.
  • Creating a sample single view application in Eclipse.
  • Creating Simple Application in WEBIDE.
  • Consuming ODATA services in WEBIDE.
  • Creating a Split APP Application in WEBIDE.
  • Installing Personal WEB IDE.

 JAVA Scripting, Html& XML

  • Introduction Javas Script, and HTML and XML.
  • Ex on Html and Xml syntax’s.
  • Statements and Comments.
  • Finding Errors.
  • Variables, Scope of Variables, Data Types.
  • Functions, Functions with Parameters.
  • Function with Multiple Parameters.
  • Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, Switch.
  • While loop, for loop.
  • Strings, String Methods.
  • Arrays, Array Methods.
  • Objects, properties and methods.
  • Referencing elements in JavaScript.

 Introduction to FIOR Elements.

  • Creating Object Page Application with Fiori Elements.
  • Creating Work list Application with Fiori Elements.

Introduction to View & Controllers

  • Creating a view.
  • Understanding the view’s Controller.
  • Understanding the Controller’s Hook methods.
  • Exercise on creating a sample view and implementing controller methods.

 Working with various properties of basic UI elements

  • Working with different properties of basic UI elements.
  • Dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements.
  • Exercise on dynamically changing the properties of the UI elements.

 Different Kinds of Models

  • JSON Model.
  • OData Model.
  • XML Model.
  • Resource Model.
  • Sample exercise on different models.


  • Types of different Bindings.
  • Understanding the Binding Concept.
  • Binding the UI elements with model.
  • Exercise on Binding the UI elements with Model.

 Navigation between the Pages

  • Over view on navigation.
  • Introduction to sap.m.App.
  • Adding pages to the App.
  • Exercise on Navigation between the pages.

 Introduction to Different Layouts

  • What is a Layout.
  • Various Layouts in SAP UI5.
  • Working with Simple form layout , Block layout , Grid Layouts, Object Page Layout

Dynamic Page Layout.

  • Exercise on Creating a Form Using various layouts.

 Validating the User Input 

  • Types of Validation.
  • Exercise on Mandatory data validation.
  • Exercise on valid data and time validation for Input fields.
  • Exercise on Showing red color input field and error messages.

 Message Handling

  • Various types of Messages in SAP UI5.
  • Showing Error, SUCCESS, Warning , Information Messages.
  • Exercise on Showing various messages in SPA UI5.

 Passing data from one view to other

  • Different ways of passing data from one view to other.
  • Exercise on Passing data from one view to other.

 Playing with Different UI Element

  • Overview on different Categories of UI elements like (simple, value holders, complex, layouts, dialog etc ..).
  • Reading data and setting data to the UI elements.
  • Exercise on Working with various UI elements.

 Split App Application

  • What is Split App.
  • Creating a Split APP Application by consuming ODATA service.
  • Creating multi-flow pattern application.

 Working with Popup Dialogs.

  • Creating a popup dialog and F4 Help and Search Helps.
  • Exercise on Messages and Dialogs.


Charts and Smart Controls.

  • Creating a sample Application by using VIZ and Gant Chats library.
  • Exercise on Some other Charts Controls .
  • Creating a sample application with smart Controls.

 Real Time Scenario’s.


  • Design the Proto Types sap fiori.
  • Odata Annotation Modular.
  • Creating a Dashboard Application in sap ui5.
  • Consuming ODATA Services based on requirement.
  • VALUE Help Dialog, Suggestions and Search Helps in Different Use cases.
  • Sample example of M Table and UI Table and Analytical Table different Use Cases.
  • Displaying PDF in UI5 Application.
  • Sending the Email and Gmail from Ui5 Application.
  • Using SMART Controls in UI5 Application.
  • Launchpad Configuration and Theme Designing.
  • Different types of Model data to a single control.
  • Real time Functional & Technical Documents.
  • Adding Custom CSS Styles to Custom and Standard Applications.
  • Support Project Tickets.
  • Configuring the Standard FIORI Application.


o   Introduction of Sap Netweaver Gateway.

o   Overview of OData and REST Protocols in SAP Netweaver Gateway

o   Structure of OData Service &Activating sap Netweaver Gateway.

o   Connecting Sap Gateway to Backend System.

o   Model your first OData services.

o   Implement and Registering OData services.

o   Testing the OData services in REST.

o   Developing the Header and Line item data in odata service.

o   Association and Navigation concept in Odata services.

o   Update and Creatingdata in Back-End using Odata service.

o   Build OData services using RFC and BAPI in SAP      Netweaver Gateway.

o   How to install OData Modeler in sap ui5.

o   Function Import in Sap OData services.

o   Creating Odata Model using Odata Modeler.

o   Odata Query options in Sap Netweaver Gateway.

o   $Filter, $order, $top & $skip,$inlinecount ,$Skiptoken and $expand Query

Option in Sap Odata services.

o   Deep Insert &ETagin Sap Net weaver Gateway.

o   Using Search Help in Sap Netweaver Gateway.

o   Important T-codes in Sap Netweaver Gateway.

o   How to consume External Odata & Hana XS Odata services in Sap Netweaver Gateway.

o   Creating ABAP CDS views in Sap Netweaver Gateway.

o    ABAP CDS View using Mapping Editor in SEGW.



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