SAP SuccessFactors PM/GM Online Training

SAP SuccessFactors PM/GM is a cloud solution that will organize the Performance
Management and Goals process when fully applied on every location.
It will reform the performance review process by combining seamlessly with Learning
Management System along with the Onboarding module (planned) and supports the overall strategic plan for career development, compensation planning and succession planning initiatives.
Improved productivity as it fixes employees to corporate goals, boost daily engagement,
enhance performance accountability and more efficient review process.
High Retention as it produces meaningful feedback, understand development requirements, and gives fair compensation adjustments.

 Goal Management
 Easily set goals and align them with team and company objectives so you can
keep your workforce focused on the right business objectives.
 Create goals using recommendations from the smart goal wizard, Cascade
goals to drive alignment across the organization and ensure goal-linked
activities stay on track throughout the year

 Continuous Performance Management
 Support ongoing performance and development conversations so employees
get the guidance they need, when they need it.
 Manager visibility into employee goal progress and achievements, improve
employee performance by providing ongoing direction and foster simple
feedback and coaching, at any time and from anyone within the organization

 Performance Assessments
 Engage employees with meaningful performance evaluations to effectively
evaluate and reward their contributions.
 Conduct formal assessments that make sure accuracy, and legal compliance,
Summarized employee achievements and feedback tied to performance and

development goals and visually compare and adjust your team’s performance
based on competencies

o Drive continuous performance improvement
Go beyond one-size-fits-all processes to create the approach to performance
management that makes sense for your organization.

o Accurately identify top talent
Measure the value and impact of your employees and objectively identify high

o Flexible to meet your unique needs
Discover how your organization – no matter the industry, geography, and size – can
engage your workforce and retain top talent.

Average salary of an employee who knows Sap SuccessFactors PMGM is approximately
ranges from 15 lakhs to 21 lakhs per annum.

 Executives will be empowered to track goal progress in real time through the
enterprise-wide communication of strategy and creation of meaningful team and
individual goals across the enterprise putting the focus back on what matters.
 This allows the enterprise to reward measure and link employee performance to
business results, optimize the performance appraisal process and allow for
meaningful feedback.
 When employees are paid based on achievement than a pay-for-performance
culture is set up which helps retain the best talent and boost productivity across the


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