SAP Strategy Management (SSM) online training

The SAP Strategy Management application enables organizations closing the gap between
strategy and execution, by providing them to publish their corporate strategy and showing
how it cascades to the several levels of the organization setting strategic goals and
observing the performance towards those objectives to take the necessary actions and align
the resources accordingly.
SSM offers clarity to high level executives as well as business analysts and provides
accountability and collaboration functionalities in order to achieve better outcome in
aligning the day-to-day operations towards the mission and vision of the organization.
The significant part of strategic management is to have an eye on companies' aims and
objectives. Strategic management is necessary for students as it gives new traditional
business problems. Furthermore, it helps in integrating the popular subjects that give a
solid, real-world sense of business management.

Key Advantages which SSM provides:
Accountability and Alignment: Assign individual responsibility for objectives, key
performance indicators, and initiatives. Enhances performance and align execution with
strategy by connecting goals, initiatives, and metrics.
Central KPI repository: Leverage a simple and centralized administration of KPIs to drive
consistency. Get a quick indication of status with easy-to-interpret scorecards and drill down
into more detail for additional analysis.
Collaboration: Empower collaborators from all levels with embedded, threaded comments
for discussions, along with the ability to create and use operational reviews and link to
external content, such as defined best practices.
Impact and performance: Measure the impact of initiatives to best to allocate resources and
compare business unit performance side-by-side or with other relevant benchmarks.


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