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SAP Strategic Enterprise Management is a solution that was designed towards building an integrated system to control diverse processes within an organization. The major goal is to integrate a single unified system to record each move of a department through organizing, planning, executing, and managing processes.
The goal behind developing Strategic Enterprise Management is to generate extension to the primary Enterprise Management systems based on in depth work processes like risk management, strategy planning, performance monitoring, and communications
management and so on. SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) focus to deliver quick implementation of fresh solutions.

Salary Package:
SAP SEM consultants’ salary is approximately 7 lakhs per year to those with 3-7 years and up to 12 lakhs per year. with 7+ years of experience.
A package of 48 lacs per year attracts professionals with 7+ years of experience and is the highest pay in India.

They measure business performance alongside targets, simulations, and benchmarks by
utilizing value drivers, management cockpits and a balanced scorecard.
Enables managing risks and automating Business Consolidation processes.
Control business with the enable of value-based management principles.
Integrate operational planning with strategic planning.
Transform static operational planning into rolling forecasts.
Assists management and legal consolidation of inter-units, investments, profit elimination
and so forth.

Future Opportunities in SAP SEM:
SAP SEM courses are particularly suitable for project managers and/or team members who are already included in making strategic plans and analyzing Business Processes. Further knowledge in SAP SEM enables them work easily on analyzed data and make plans for improvising their client’s business processes.
It also enables company controllers, business analysts and those involved in strategic
business management to perform their tasks in a more effective manner. Stakeholders and investors utilizing Business Information Systems may also like to pursue this course and integrate the several benefits of SAP SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management Software) in their business processes.


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