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Spare Parts Planning (SPP) is the planning module of the SAP SPM solution combined with the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Business Suite of SAP. It has been specifically
developed to meet the requirements of the spare parts business, among which the most
significant ones are listed below. Many other industries can also take advantage of the
several SPP advanced planning features.
Service parts planning (SPP) offers planning functions specific to service parts and
transparency throughout the supply chain, right from the moment demand happen through to the delivery of the product. Planning for your service parts takes place in distribution structures, which contain all your locations. Locations can be, for example, distribution centers, contract packagers, or your customers and dealers. Beside the current BOD, you can also work with future BODs. This means that you can define a particular time in the future when a BOD will replace a different BOD. The system takes this future BOD into account, for instance, as part of forecasting and
distribution requirements planning.

Industry-specific requirements:
 Nowadays customers expect more and more a high service level regarding the
service parts.
 Aftermarket companies are typically dealing with a very high number of SKU’s (Stock
Keeping Unit). Several hundreds of thousands active product references are not
 The distribution network, and therefore the planning processes, are more complex
than in a normal supply chain. Dynamic distribution networks, horizontal moves, and
re-manufacturing processes, among others, are standard attributes of service parts
supply chains.
 Single customers can typically be supplied by multiple distribution centres depending
on the parts and their dynamic stocking policies.
 High variability of the parts portfolio in term of volume and demand patterns,
physical dimensions, price.


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