SAP Single Sign On Online Training

SAP Single Sign-On ease a user to log in to authentic server relieving him from remembering
so many users’ names and password to log in.
SAP Single Sign-On allows users with controlled access to SAP and non-SAP applications with
a single password. Improves the user experience, support cybersecurity protocols, and
streamline administration.

Key Capabilities:
 Simple and secure access
Support single sign-on for SAP desktop clients, such as SAP GUI, and Web
 Various authentication technologies
Achieve fast implementation by means of Kerberos technology based on the
corporate Windows domain
 Advanced security capabilities
Implement two-factor and risk-based authentication for critical systems and to
secure access from outside the company

Key Benefits:
 User does not have to remember names and password to access server. A single
ticket with positive feedback can authorized user to access the server.
 The application is easy to utilize and also save cost by eliminating use of help desk.
 With a facility to connect to application it is simple.
 It provides security restricting access of people who are not authorized.
 With simplicity it lessens efforts to protect, reset and manage password across many
 You can access applications from mobile devices and outside the corporate network.
 Enables to reduce time taken by users to log into multiple applications.


30-35 hrs

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