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Sap RAR Online Training

SAP revenue accounting software (SAP RAR) is developed specifically to help businesses
comply with new statutory regulations for revenue recognition and has the flexibility to
support existing needs. With SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) one can:
Handle orders, invoices, and events from several SAP or non-SAP systems.
Acquire flexibility by decoupling revenue recognition rules from order entry and billing
systems. Offer revenue accountants with an easy-to-use accounting solution.

SAP RAR capabilities:
Combine with new and existing revenue recognition regulations and control the transition.
Assist many different performance obligation and revenue recognition types.
Natively support multiple GAAP needs.
Keep up with accounting changes on a regular basis.
Automate and simplify standard revenue identification processes.

Salary Package:
The lowest salary for a Senior SAP RAR Consultant in India is ₹12,09,760 per year.
The highest salary for a Senior SAP RAR Consultant in India is ₹28,50,000 per year.


30-35 hrs

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