SAP Public Budget Formulation (PBF) online training

SAP Public Budget Formulation is an add-on component that provides a dynamic and
collaborative environment to accommodate the requirements of the end-to-end public
sector budget formulation process.
SAP Public Budget Formulation is a web-based application based on SAP NetWeaver
technology platform, but can also be used as a stand-alone solution. PBF can be integrated
with SAP systems and non-SAP systems. For instance, historical data such as the actual
budget or the last approved budget can be used as a starting point to prepare the next
budget. In addition, HR historical data can extensively be used to build simulations to
budget the personnel expenses. Grant, Project, and Performance data can all be integrated.

The various features of SAP Public Budget Formulation:
 Budget Forms
Budget form templates are Visual Composer (VC) models that provides configuration
for individual requirements, policies, and practices. Budget forms make it feasible for
users to create base budget, new decision packages, capital project, transfer funds
across other budget forms.
 Personnel Expenditure Planning (PEP)
PEP projects salary and benefit costs based on timely HR information including
positions, employees, job profiles, and salary and benefit costs.
 Comments and Narrative
Comment types and comment type trees provide the tools to capture text
descriptions on budget requests. At every stage of budget formulation, it is possible
to track reasons for change to budget requests. Additional comment types, or boxes,
can be added to capture information about a request.
 Budget Request Ranking
Ranking forms facilitate prioritization of budget requests at different levels of the
financial management dimensions.
 Reporting
The underlying BI infrastructure when integrated with solutions such as SAP
BusinessObjects allows extensive data mining and analysis based on stored content.


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