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Sap PRA Online Training

SAP Production Revenue Accounting integrates production volume allocations, division
order operation, sales contract allocations, volume pricing and valuation, royalty/ working interest proprietor profit distribution, payment processing, and state/ civil reporting and compliance to give a comprehensive result that enables Upstream Oil and Gas companies to efficiently manage vital profit Account processes.
The general process inflow of the product and profit Account (PRA) product begins in the product operation area where you define allocation rules and process master data for realities including well completions, dimension points, and delivery networks.

Features of product in PRA:
Allocating Volumes: The Production application area allocates volumes for a material similar
as oil painting or gas from a dimension point back to all applicable well completions.
Processing Master and Transactional Data: Master data is entered in records with launch
and end dates, thereby protecting the original interpretation of a record, as well as storing
each subsequent version of the record.

Reporting Features of PRA:
Period Adjustments: The system includes any applicable previous period adjustments (PPAs)
when calculating quantities that are due. You can produce an amended report when PPAs
result from volumes or values that were reported incorrectly, or incorrect master data
assignments, similar as when a property is assigned to the wrong parcel.
The List Viewer After recycling a report: the system generates reports in the form of flat
lines in the List Viewer as well as counting entries you can publish some reports, or flat lines,
directly from the List Viewer.
Profit Distribution allocates volume and value deals entered from the Valuation operation
element of PRA across DOI power, and does the following:
• Disburses funds to owners
• Generates accounting distributions
• Allocates deliverer charges to working owners
• Determines net payables for owners and records outstanding or income and charges
• Processes previous period adjustments
• Maintains payment history


30-35 hrs

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