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SAP PPM Online Training

SAP PPM stands for (Portfolio and Project Management), Portfolio Management basically refers to the integration of information from the existing systems related finance, human resources along with project management meant for providing a description of the entire portfolio of the project. With the help of all this information the portfolio managers, project managers and resource managers can get a deep dive down regarding the several details related to the project. Information, which is inventive, combined along with cross functional in nature is enabled by virtue of using Project management.

Course Content


Module 1: Introduction to SAP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM)

  • Describing SAP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM)
  • Describing Integration Scenarios for SAP Portfolio and Project Management
  • Archiving in Portfolio Management
  • Describing SAP HANA Integration with PPM


Module 2: Portfolio Definition and Buckets

  • Managing the Portfolio Definition
  • Managing Portfolio Buckets
  • Managing Classification Hierarchies


Module 3: Portfolio Items and Initiatives I

  • Configuring Portfolio Items
  • Creating Portfolio Items
  • Configuring Portfolio Initiatives
  • Creating Portfolio Initiatives


Module 4: Portfolio Items and Initiatives II

  • Managing Authorizations
  • Using Statuses and Workflows for Portfolio Items
  • Using Decision Points
  • Managing Process Flow Changes
  • Creating Version of Portfolio Items
  • Managing Reviews


Module 5: Financial and Capacity Planning

  • Planning Financial Values
  • Configuring Financial Planning
  • Configuring Financial Planning by Integration
  • Planning Capacity
  • Configuring Capacity Planning
  • Configuring Capacity Planning by Integration


Module 6: Portfolio Items and Project Management Projects

  • Using Project Management
  • Linking Portfolio Items and Project Management Projects


Module 7: Resource Planning

  • Defining Roles
  • Creating Business Partners
  • Staffing Roles
  • Integrating Resource and Capacity Planning


Module 8: Integration with SAP Applications

  • Integrating Project Management Applications
  • Integrating Project System (PS)
  • Configuring the Project System (PS) Integration
  • Configuring the SAP Financials Integration
  • Integrating SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)


Module 9: Key Figures

  • Using Questionnaires
  • Using Scoring Models


Module 10: Standard Reports/Dashboards available in SAP Portfolio Management


Module 11: Overview of standard Fiori Apps in SAP Portfolio Management


Key Capabilities:
Comprehensive portfolio management
Submit project proposals, priorities them with the current project portfolio, and monitor
and review their progress immediately.
Project management
Manages projects, tasks, and timelines while identifying critical paths, assigning resources,
and record progress.
Resource management and optimisation
Optimise resource use by finding the right resources, check availability, and avoid project

Key Benefits of SAP PPM:
One central project repository
Gain real-time insights into project progress and cost performance across locations and
understand financial demand and capacity across your organisation.
Strategic portfolio alignment
Prioritise projects according to corporate strategies and business goals and free up financial
and human resources to help ensure successful project execution.
Integration across processes
Tie project management to financial and logistics processes at no additional cost. Create
project reports for stakeholders and decision-makers with less effort.


30-35 hrs

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