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SAP-PP Course Content

  • Overview of ERP
  • About SAP
  • SAP Hierarchy Structure

Master Data

  • Material master configuration and use in production planning
  • Bill of material (BOM) configuration and use in production planning
  • Routings (task lists) configuration and use in production planning
  • Work center configuration and use in production planning

Master Planning

  • Demand Management planning strategies and planned independent requirements

Planning Material Requirement

  • Master Production Scheduling procedure
  • Consumption based planning (re-order point planning, forecast-based)
  • Material requirement planning run configuration
  • Material requirement planning evaluation tools

Availability Check

  • Availability Check with ATP Logic or Against Planning

Production Orders

  • Scheduling of production orders
  • Production order components
  • Production Resources & Tools (PRT's)

Discrete Manufacturing

  • Planned order structure
  • Production order types
  • Material staging and withdraw
  • Production confirmation
  • Goods movements
  • Goods Receipt WREF to Production Order
  • Goods Issue WREF to Production Order
  • Creation of GI WREF to Reservation
  • Order settlement

Reporting & Tools

  • Production planning reporting


  • MM
  • SD
  • QM
  • WM
  • FI

SAP Production Planning is one of the key module in ERP and deals with planning processes, such as capacity planning, material planning, execution of production order, bill of material and goods movement.SAP PP is  specially designed for integrating different department involved in production and manufacturing. It tracks and makes a record of the manufacturing process flows, for example, the planned and actual costs. Also, goods movements from the conversion of raw material to semi-finished goods.


  • SAP PP module presents the organizations with little by little check approximately the production, advertising and marketing, and promoting tactics. Maintaining up with timely take a look at is a bonus with SAP PP that allows to avoid wastage and provides efficiency to the general process.
  • With SAP PP, it is easy to easily generate BOM or bill of material, which is essentially a list of additives that incorporate the outline for every element of the product, the estimated quantity of scrap, and the unit of measure. Having a BOM allows the agencies to monitor the fame of all of the components. One can also keep a look at of the discontinued gadgets in addition to comply with the-updated gadgets.


30-35 hrs

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