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OData is an open data protocol used in web technologies. OData is used by SAP to make SAP
data accessible from other platforms, so non-SAP users can also access this data to develop
web applications, websites, mobile apps, etc.

OData is used to create RESTful APIs.
 OData was first introduced by Microsoft and is now used for web applications,
mobile applications, and more.
 OData retrieves data from one or more databases and tables using select, insert,
delete, or modify statements. It is based on the HTTP framework. In other words,
there is an internal table in the application layer, and the data in this internal table is
passed to HTTP via OData.
 A single HTTP request can retrieve both data and metadata or table structure, and
can also perform CRUD-Q operations. That is, you can create data in the database,
request data, update data, delete data, or perform various query operations on the
database over the Internet.

There are three types of OData services:
 OData ABAP Service -> For ODATA ABAP Service, the backend server is SAP
 For OData HANA Service -> ODATA HANA Service, the backend server is SAP HANA.
 For External OData Service -> External OData Service, the backend server is non-SAP
server/external server.

What is the OData service used for?
 The task of the ODATA service is to retrieve data from databases and tables to the
OData service via SQL statements.
 ODATA services also allow data to be displayed on front-end application screens
such as SAP UI5 and FIORI screens in the form of screen elements such as tables,
charts, dropdowns, radio buttons and checkboxes.
 Frontend services such as SAP UI5 and FIORI screens are the same for all his ODATA
services, whether they are ABAP or HANA ODATA services or external services.


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