Introduction to SAP IS OIL


  • Introduction to SAP IS OIL
  • Supply Chain Management Overview
  • Oil & Gas Supply Chain
  • Overview of the SAP IS OIL Upstream/Midstream/Downstream Components
  • Basics of MM (Procure to Pay) and SD (Order to Cash)


Oil & Gas Downstream

  • Marketing, Contracts & Order Entry (MCOE)
    • Master Data settings and vendor, Customer / Material Master Configuration
    • Automatic Plant Determination
    • Item Category Re-determination
    • Last Order entry
    • Contract Call-Off Restrictions
    • Final Delivery Indicator

Ø  Marketing, Accounting and Pricing (MAP)

  • Master Data Settings in Pricing records
  • Relevant configuration settings
  • Pricing Scenarios in Oil Business
  • External Agencies pricing in IS-Oil & Gas industry
  • Formula and Average Pricing (FAP)
  • Gross / Net Pricing
  • Differential invoice
  • Contract Pricing
  • Time Pricing

Ø  Hydrocarbon Product Management (HPM)

  • Material Master Data Settings
  • Configuration Settings
  • Quantity Conversion in Purchase and Sales Cycle
  • Silo Management

Ø  Transportation and Distribution (TD)

  • Bulk TD Significance
  • Define Transport Unit
  • Define Vehicle / Driver
  • Define Vehicle Meters / Rack Meters
  • Bulk TD process Scheduling
  • Loading Confirmation
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Terminal Automation System (TAS ) role in TD
  • Transportation Planning Interface ( TPI ) Overview

Ø  Exchanges (EXG)

  • Exchange process in Oil Industry
  • Partners in exchange
  • Master Data settings
  • Exchange Agreement
  • Purchase and Sales Cycle from Exchange Agreement
  • Logical Inventory Adjustment (LIA) concepts
  • Netting Concepts

Ø  Traders and Schedulers Workbench (TSW) CONCEPTS

  • Location
  • Transport System
  • Partner Role
  • Nomination
  • Ticketing
  • Basic TSW Cycle for purchase and Sale point of view


Oil and Gas Upstream


PRA – Production and Revenue Accounting overview and its graphical user Introduction

Production sharing Accounts Joint venture Accounting

SAP Oil & Gas (RLM–Remote Logistics Management)




Oil and gas industries fulfilling energy requires supplies products on increasing demands and challenges in the market, regulated with huge investments on the manufacturing of upstream, downstream oil and gas products. Products such as crude oil, petroleum products, oil tankers, natural gas etc. are produced according to customer needs. Implementation of SAP plays a important role in maintaining overall functional activities of industries catering to best practices on standards. It allows to manage overall functional activities deriving operational excellence.

Features of SAP for Oil and Gas:
Capacity Based Planning
The real-time business solution provides to do capacity-based planning through
which efficient production outputs could be acquired on available resource
eventually cutting down the irrelevant cost.
Equipment Maintenance
The machinery of concern is actively observed 24/7 through SAP Software. Proper
functioning is noted precisely daily so that repairing cost gets low.
 Procurement Management
Business practice solution provides a solution to acquire products that are needed
for production on the basis of available stock in the warehouse making process to
continue without breaks.
Single Solution
 Usage of SAP Solution greatly eliminates various software packages to operate
enterprise functionalities as this solution integrates every operation under a single
structure including business values.
 Adapts to Change
Well planned business management solution gets adapted to a changing scenario
since this feature makes the user-friendly approach to utilize the software solution
for long-term obtaining efficient administration.
Saves Time
Automation solution offers reports on every transaction so that manual processing
on updating info gets reduced. By doing so, also saves time on accessing necessary

Salary package:
 An average salary SAP Oil Consultant is ₹ 11.8 Lakhs per year.
 SAP Oil Consultant salary in India ranges between ₹ 7.9 Lakhs to ₹ 45.8 Lakhs.
 SAP Oil Consultant salary in India with less than 3 years of experience to 11 years
ranges from ₹ 7.9 Lakhs to ₹ 45.8 Lakhs.



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