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SAP IM (Investment Management) module is one of the important functional modules of SAP system which is utilized to control capital expenditures. SAP investment management module is developed to manage various investment securities of an organization such as shares, bonds. It enables in assigning and controlling budgets for capital expenditure and advertising. This module enables in creation of investment tree in which depicts that way budget is to be distributed. It makes sure effective planning and controlling of the cost that included budget authorization. SAP IM helps organizations develop and manage investment plans and annual budgets for
"investment programs, &quota; an SAP term that describes a way of organizing capital investments or other projects in a hierarchical structure. The meaning of " investment " extends beyond the sense of traditional investments that must be capitalized for bookkeeping and tax purposes and encompasses any measure that involves costs and may only generate benefits after a certain time period has elapsed.
The activities performed by SAP IM module are:
Create Master Data
Create investment program
Cost planning
Specify Budget
Procurement for Investments
Check availability Control for Internal Orders
Settlement and Closing of Capital Investment Measures
Fiscal Year Change

Salary package:
 An average salary of SAP IM consultant is approximately ranges between INR 2 lakhs
-4 lakhs per year.
 Salaries for those with 0-3 years of experience is approximately 7 lakhs per annum.
 The pay package moves towards higher values like INR 25 -50 lacs per year with 7+
years of experience.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career:

Best suited for business analysts or IT professionals playing a vital role in financial planning analysis and budgeting, a certification course in SAP IM (Investment Management) helps them perform their tasks in a more accurate and effective manner. It is also a good option for end users and project members dealing with the budgeting of investments, carrying out Cost Planning and checking the availability control for internal orders. These people may like to enhance their skills sets and experience in the field of IM by taking up this course. To get access to highly paid jobs and reputed organizations, candidates must have the right skills and certain pre-requisites for gaining more from this course.


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