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Introduction and Supply Chain IBP Discussions

1. Intoduction to IBP


2. SAP IBP Overview


3. SAP IBP System Walkthrough


a) Web UI- Fiori App


b) Excel UI


3. Modules of IBP and their license


4. Business process understanding od IBP Modules and flow.


5. Supply Chain Concepts Mid Term,Short Term, Long Term Planning


6. Understanding of Baseline and Scenarios


7. Hub and Spoke Model in Supply Chain and Planning flow


8. Time series Planning

Interface - Explanation only

CPI -DS Interface for time series extraction


CPI-DS Extractions from ECC tables


Data sources


Project, Task, Data flows


Production and Quality environment for Data Sources

Master Data-Demand Planning  Supply Planning

Understanding the extraction of Maser Data


1. Product








5.Poduction Versions


6. UOM and unit of Measure conversion.


7.Currency and Currency Conversions


8. Location Product


9.Location Source


1) Attributes


2) Master Data


3) Time Profiles


4) Planning Area


5) Planning Levels


6) Key Figures


7) Planning Operators

Demand Planning

1. Demand Planning Process


2. Supply Chain Network


3. Master Data Requirements


4. Transactional Data Requirements


6. Creating First Demand Planning View


7.  Key Figures for Demand Planning


9. ABC/XYZ Classification


10. Outlier Correction (Manual/Auto)


11. Statistical Forecasting


12. New Product Introduction


13. Consolidation of Demand Plan through scenarios


14. Copy Operators


15. Release Demand Plan to Supply

Supply Planning

1. Supply Planning Process


2. Supply Chain Network


3. Master Data Requirements


4. Transactional Data Requirements


6. Check Mode and S&OP Heuristics set up


7. Generating unconstrained supply run


8. Creating Supply Planning Views


9. Working with EPM Formatting


10. Generating Customer Quota through Forecast


11. How to work with Adjusted KFs?


12. Local Members

Charts and Dashboards

1. Create first Analytics chart


2. Adding charts to Dashboards


3. Using charts and dashboards filters to navigate


4. Custom Alerts

Response and SDI interface


Inventory Optimization



SAP IBP  ( Integrated business planning) is a process for translating desired business outcomes into financial and operational resource requirements, with the overarching objective of maximizing profit and / or cash flow, while minimizing risk. SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a real-time supply chain application built on the S/4HANA platform. It’s designed to leverage real-time data, a user-friendly dashboard, and predictive analytic tools to optimize business planning cycles. 

IBP is made of up of 4 foundational components: Sales and Operations, Response and Supply, Inventory, and Demand. The Supply Chain Control Tower acts as the centralized visual interface of all the IBP components. Each component is independent, so you can use only what you need. If you need one of the other components in the future, it will be data current, but it will stay in the background until called.

Advantages of  IBP:

Flexible user interface
• Integrated data for organization-wide planning processes
• End-to-end strategic visibility
• Faster reaction time to environmental changes
• Demand sensing and other advanced planning tools


30-35 hrs

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