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Sap IAM Online Training

SAP IAM enables you to intelligently manage means through cooperative asset intelligence,
planning, vaticination, and simulation. This enables you to work advanced technology like
machine learning and real- time data from IoT- enabled smart means to inform your entire
supply chain without headaches around implementation and execution.
With SAP’s Intelligent Asset Management, you can:
 Continuously improve processes
 Predict issues
 Enable cost control along asset lifecycles
 unite across networks
 Offer discerned services
 induce new profit streams
 Develop new ways to contend in and disrupt your assiduity
 Manage the entire lifecycle of your physical means

Components of IAM:
 Interconnectivity Connecting Machines, bias, Detectors, and people (Drivers
Manufacturers Service Providers) to communicate with each other using Internet of
effects by collecting/ swapping the reliable data.
 Transparency By collecting swapping data at colourful operating conditions of an
Asset, it provides precious perceptivity to drivers to take a firm decision at right time
to improve the effectiveness of the physical asset and thereby perfecting product
 Prophetic conservation by operation of IoT detectors and the technology of
interconnectivity the wholesomeness of an Asset can be linked in life and allows
machine drivers to perform cost-effective conservation rather than adopting Run to
fail conception.


30-35 hrs

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