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SAP FMS Online Training

SAP Fashion Management is an integrated solution to combine the processes for vertical fashion companies into one system. This solution helps them to manage their business processes across one large data system landscape. It also helps the companies in the fashion industry to use the power of in-memory computing to analyze large data volumes for a fast and accurate overview of products. This outcomes in greater efficiency, quicker time to market, and better inventory control. This solution combines the manufacturing and retailing business processes into one vertical solution. Companies can manage their business processes across one (larger) system landscape. This is made possible by the Big by Business Suite powered with HANA.

The SAP FMS features:
 Flexible data processing: The solution supports companies to handle a precise end-
to-end flow of material across all relevant procurement applications.
 Segmentation: The solution offers you to categorize materials or articles based on
their physical and logical characteristics.
 Multichannel planning: You can predict future demand and procure supplies for
multiple sales channels. You can also control the demand of different channels
separately, for example, retail, wholesale, e-commerce, or franchise according to the
channel-specific processes.
 Season management: You can define the production of fashion wear according to
the season for which it is manufactured like summer or winter. In the fashion
industry, a season belongs to a season year and has collections connected with it.
 Characteristic value conversion: You can describe the value of a few characteristics
of a fashion article on various scales for different countries or regions.


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