Syllabus of SAP FICA Online Training

Module 1: Introduction of FI-CA

 Contract Accounts

 Account Balance Display

 Payment, Returns and Clarification List

 Credit Management: Creditworthiness, Security Deposits, Installment Plans and Deferrals

 Collection Management: Dunning

 Reconciliation Keys

 Accounting in General Ledger


Module 2: Set up Company codes for contract account payable and receivable

Module 3: Presentation of Collections Management

Module 4: Dunning by Collection Strategy

 Define Collection strategy

 Set up Master Data groups

 Dunning charges

 Dunning activities

 Dunning lock reasons

 Define collection step

 Define capacity planning for dunning activities

 Define Time-Dependent Creditworthiness Weightings


Module 5: Set up the Business Rules Framework for FI-CA Collections management

 Understand the main FI-CA processes

 Understand the scope of Collections Management based on SAP

 Configure the processes related to Collections Management

 Understand how Business Rules Framework is embedded into FI-CA and what it can be used for

 Configure Business Rules Framework for Collection Strategy


Module 6: SAP FICA Basics

 Concept and special functions in FI-CA

 Event Technology

 Parallel Mass Processes in FI-CA

 Master Data Objects in FI-CA


Module 7: Documents

 Lifecycle of Documents

 Document Structures



 Posting Documents

 Integration with General Ledger Accounting

 Account Balance Display


Module 8: Transactions and Account Determination

 Structure of Transactions

 Transactions in IS-U

 General Ledger Account Determination

 Tax Determination in IS-U


Module 9: Incoming Payments

 Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments

 Payment Lots and Check lot

 Clarification Processing

 Cash Desk/Cash Journal


Module 10: Payment Run

 Prerequisites of Payment Settlement

 Payment program

 Payment Cards


Module 11: Returns Processing

 Configuration of Returns

 Processing of Returns


Module 12: Clearing Control

 Terminology and Definitions

 Configurations of Clearing Strategy


Module 13: Dunning and Collections

 Dunning –Terminology

 Configuration and Execution of Dunning Run

 Submission to External Collection


Module 14: Interest Calculations

 Calculation of Interest on Items

 Interest Keys and Calculation Rules

 Processing of Interest Calculation


Module 15: Deferral/Installment Plan

 Deferral: Definition and Processing

 Installment Plan: Definition and Processing


Module 16: Other Business Transactions

 Account Maintenance

 Reversing Documents and Resetting Clearing

 Document Transfer

 Mark as Doubtful/Individual Value Adjustment

 Write Off


Module 17: Security Deposits

 Cash and Non-Cash Security Deposit

 Request ,Payment and Settlement of Cash Security Deposit



30-35 hrs

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