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SAP Enterprise Threat Detection enables you to prevent security breaches and gives insight
into suspicious activities in your SAP software-centric landscape. It helps you to identify the
real attacks as they are happening and analyse the threats quickly enough to neutralize
them before serious damage occurs.

Key Capabilities:
 Log correlation and analysis:
Analyse an extensive quantity of log data and correlate information to get a
complete picture of landscape activities.
 Automated threat detection and alerting:
Find SAP software-specific threats related to known attacks by utilizing attack
detection patterns.
 Straightforward integration across SAP solutions:
Discover threats at the application server level and at the database level.

How SAP ETD Works:
SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD) is one of several SAP tools covering the multiple
aspects of an organization’s security strategy, consisting of protection, threat identification,
and recovery.
SAP ETD utilizes a more technical approach than other solutions. It tracks security events
occurring within SAP application platforms such as SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. It works on
the application layer to identify suspicious activity in business systems on the basis of event

Key Benefits:
 Improves security
Monitor and enhance security to help keep systems secure in a continuously
changing cybersecurity threat environment.
 Gain insight into suspicious activities
Determine threats to your most valuable assets in your SAP applications to minimise
financial loss and legal and reputational damage.

 Enable neutralize threats
Gain transparency and simplify the analysis of doubtful activities, identify security
gaps, and understand the impact to your business.
 Protect software and business operations
Safeguard the operation of SAP applications and enhance the continuity of your


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