Sap Device Management Online Training

SAP Device management consists of device technology, Device Installation, Meter reading
and Inspection and certification of device. Device category/device is largely same to the
material/equipment, subsequently all the statistics functions of the standard Logistics
element are connected to Device Management module.
• Inventory Manager
• Purchase
• Warehouse supervision
• Facility Maintenance
• Filing System
SAP Device Management component, we can use specific data and functions over and
beyond the functions available in the R/3 Logistics application component. These include
the following data and functions: ­
 Technical records, which includes sign in group, input/output group, and command
 Installation in addition to elimination and alternative of gadgets in an installation
 Installation Structure for representing tool and sign in relationships, and the price
records of those gadgets
 Organization and execution of meter readings with inside the deliver area
 Device inspection: sampling procedure, certification, and periodic alternative

Proexcellency focus in this module on:
• Understand the principle Device Management tactics.
• Understand the scope of tool control primarily based totally on SAP
• Configure the tactics associated with Device Management
• Understand how Business Rules Framework is embedded into Device Management and
what it may be used for
• Configure Business Rules Framework for Device Management.


30-35 hrs

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