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SAP Central Finance helps customers with more than one older SAP ERP system to replicate
FI documents from these SAP ERP systems into a central Finance system running on SAP
S/4HANA. In the SAP Central Finance system customer can leverage the capabilities of SAP
HANA to achieve an organization-wide financial view with real-time reporting capabilities.
SAP Central Finance is a good option for combining a variety of financial data sources from
SAP and non-SAP systems, and offers for easy integration of other ERP systems which would
be essential later if the organisation goes through mergers and acquisitions. It would not
necessarily be utilized if the business or organisation uses only one ERP system.
This existing data is replicated to an SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server,
either on-premise or in the cloud.
The SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) can be used at this point to configure alerts
for errors and ensure all business users enter information correctly. Central Finance utilizes
AIF to define the interfaces for replication of cost objects, FICO postings and CO internal

The Benefits of SAP Central Finance:
SAP Central Finance allows you to run all your financial reports seamlessly and efficiently.
For instance, if you use multiple systems to handle accounts receivable/payable and payroll,
SAP Central Finance gives you to centralize that financial data, enabling you to make
predictive financial reporting decisions.
SAP Central Finance will also make it easier to maintain cash flow, financial close tasks, cost
assessments, revenue recognition, and more. By being more proactive in managing your
company’s finances, you will reduce the time it takes to close the books.

Here are a few other benefits you will realize with SAP Central Finance:
 Global, real-time financial management of reporting functions.
 Company-wide data governance for customers, vendors, banks, and general ledger
 Standardized finance and accounting data and processes for a complete finance


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