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Sap BSP Online Training

SAP BSP (BUSINESS SERVER PAGES) online training By Proexcellency.
SAP Web operation Server provides a runner- grounded programming model with server-
side scripting as well as server runner technology for developing, designing and enforcing
Web operations Business Server Pages (BSP). Server- side scripting enables direct access to
all rudiments in the operation Server (similar as function modules, database tables, ABAP
Objects, and so on).
In the Web operation Server, the donation is separate from the business sense. This makes
it possible to implement frontal- end technology.
You can create HTML runners or Business Server Pages (BSPs) with server- side scripting in
ABAP or JavaScript.
When creating your operation, you can take advantage of the Model View Controller design
patterns. The HTMLB and XHTMLB HTML Business libraries are available as BSP Extensions
for a invariant layout and its associated usability advantages.

BSP operation consists of the following factors:
 Controller regulators contain business logic and operation data.
 Business Server Pages (BSPs) BSPs are the Web sites that are displayed in the
browser when the operation is in use. BSPs can contain static HTML law and dynamic
scripting law (ABAP or JavaScript).
 Stoner Interface of A BSP operations Includes Stationary Web spots.
 Dynamically generated Web spots, which are BSPs or templates that contain server-
side scripting that is executed dynamically at runtime to generate a static Web point
BSPs can either be pages with inflow sense or views.
 There can also be regulators if the MVC design pattern is used colourful MIME
objects, similar as pictures, icons, sound files, style sheets, and so on, that are parts
of a typical Web operation.


30-35 hrs

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