BPC  11 Training Content


  1. BPC Architecture
  2. BW Workbench and Info cubes
  3. Configure Environment, Dimensions, Models and properties.
  4. Data Loading from Source System to BPC
  5. M Data loading from BI to BPC and T data loading from ECC – BI – BPC for actual.
  6. Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting.
  7. Reporting (Cost Budgeting, Headcount Allocation, Joint venture, P&L , Cash flow and Others)
  8. EPM – Member Property, Dimension Override, Local members and Formulas, Read only data.
  9. Security Features & Work status
  10. Process Chains (Customised and Standard)
  11. Business Process Flow & Distribute and Collection (BPF)
  12. Script Logics for Currency Translation, Allocation and Balance Carry forward with business rules.
  13. DM packages configuration
  14. Consolidation (Managerial)

Features of Courses

  • Training will be on SAP BPC 10.0 Net Weaver Version
  • Training will cover both Functional and Technical aspects of BPC and BW/BI

 Introduction to BPC 10.0

  • Introduction to SAP Business Objects Planning & Consolidation
  • Differences between BPC 7.5 and BPC 10.0
  • Overview of Modelling aspects in BPC

Data Modelling in BPC

Environment Shell

  • Configuration / Copy of Environment Shell

Dimension and Properties

  • Definition of Dimension, Types & its Properties
  • Hierarchies on Dimension


  • Configuration / Creation of Model

 Data Loading in BPC

Overview of Data Loading Processes in BPC

  • Master & Transactional Data Loading Process from Flat File through BPC Web Interface.
  • Master & Transactional Data Loading Process from Business Warehouse (BW/BI)

 Using Data Manager Functionality in BPC in uploading Data

 Data Manager Packages

  • Using Standard Data Manager Packages
  • Customizing Standard Data Manager Packages
  • Creating Data Manager Packages

 Reporting in BPC

  • Report Considerations
  • Reporting Components in BPC
  • Standard EPM Reports
  • Overview of the EPM Add-In Components
  • Report Editor, Report Selection, Formatting of Reports
  • EPM Excel Functions
  • More EPM topics

 Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting in BPC


General and HR Planning


  • Initiate Planned Data
  • Copy Process
  • Executing Calculations in Planning Process

 Security Features

  • Users
  • Teams
  • Task Profiles and
  • Data Access Profiles

 Work Status

  • Configuration of Work Status
  • Reporting and Managing of Work Status

 Business Process Flows

  • BPF Overview
  • Setting up BPF’s
  • Execution of BPF’s


  • Dimension Logic
  • Introduction to Script Logics
  • Worksheet Logic
  • Business Rules

 Consolidation in BPC

Overview of Consolidation Process

  • Rate Model
  • Currency Translations
  • Inter Company Eliminations
  • Validations

 Consolidation in BPC

Overview of Consolidation Process

  • Balance Carry Forward (Managerial)
  • Account Reclassification (Managerial)
  • IC Matching, Booking and Elimination (Consolidation)
  • Owner Ship and EI Calculation (Legal)

 Other Topics

  • Audit Reports
  • Transports
  • Backup and Restore
  • Project Work
  • Setting up Journal Entries

Financial Statement




30-35 hrs

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