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SAP Business Objects's Data Integrator (BODI) is a data integration and ETL (Extract,
Transform, Load) tool that was formerly known as ActaWorks. New versions of the software
consist of data quality features and are termed as SAP BODS (BusinessObjects Data
Services). The Data Integrator product contains of a Data Integrator Job Server and the Data
Integrator Designer. It is utilised for building data marts, ODS systems and data warehouses,


SAP Business Objects Data Integrator helps you to integrate disparate data sources to deliver
more timely and accurate data that end users in an organization can trust.
As a business benefit, by being able to create if client data integration projects, you can use
the transformed data to enable improve operational and supply chain efficiencies, enhance
customer relationships, create new revenue opportunities, and advance return on
investment from enterprise applications.
Features of BODI:
BODI Move and transform data easily
SAP Data Integrator comes with an extensive library of built-in transforms
and functions which make it easy to design data flows and jobs for moving and
transforming data.
BODI Real-time data replication
SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server gives real-time information replication-and changed data capturing (CDC) capabilities and is the ideal choice for all SAP

HANA platform data mart and sidecar scenarios.Enterprise structure visualisation SAP Power Designer enables you visualize and understand the links amongst business-processes, information, applications, and technology; and enhance business agility

by empowering all stakeholders to respond to change more easily.

Benefits of BODI Online Training:

Accelerate real-time replication:

Helps your implementation of the SAP HANA solution to work with up-to-date
statistics from a efficient supply device with SAP Landscape Transformation
Replication Server.
Access all your ETL requirements in one solution:
SAP Data Integrator software allows Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), and text data
evaluation competencies in a one solution.Create a blueprint on your business:SAP Power Designer software program helps you to create a blueprint for the processes, systems, and technologies you will need to execute your business vision.


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