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SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) is a creative serial number management solution built for pharmaceutical companies to label and track products with serial numbers. It reduces the costs of maintaining compliance and supports a secure supply chain.
Internationally governments are progressively enacting legislation to combat the
falsification of drugs. Compliance with these complex legislative systems needed efficient serialization of drugs with subsequent reporting to governmental and institutional databases, and a secure data flow with supply chain partners.
To achieve compliance, pharmaceutical companies must maintain a well-managed
serialization repository, which can handle a high data volume, integrate with Master Data and Business Transactions, and provide internationally compliant reporting.

Key Features:
Data integration
Integrate master and transactional data within ERP and warehouse operations and
capture serialized trade item events from packaging lines.
Serial number management
Track serial numbers and their aggregations and manage sequential number ranges
and randomized serial number lists.
Object and event repository
Capture and store large data volumes of objects, events, and business transactions.
Run as-needed reports based on data.
Country-specific regulatory reporting
Track and record the serial numbers of retail products in a corporate repository and
comply with country-specific regulations when reporting serial numbers.

Key Benefits:
 Lower costs
Reduce compliance costs for existing and upcoming serialization requirements, such
as country-specific reporting.
 Increase efficiency
Boost the efficiency of your supply chain with greater visibility into material
movements, down to the sales-unit-item level.
 Scale for large volumes
Handle large volumes of serialization data and adapt to new legislation.


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