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SAP Ariba Online Training

 Do you want to switch your career with market leading procurement industries in SAP Ariba training.

Proexcellency provide best platform to become SAP Ariba Consultant for IT Consultant. SAP Ariba is the one of best career growth modules to choose for Procurement and Sourcing Consultant, SAP MM Consultant, SAP SRM Consultant. So Don't be late in Learning SAP Ariba by Real Time expertise Proexcellency. SAP Ariba is design with cloud-based innovative solution that offered suppliers and buyers to connect and do Business  on one single platform. Ariba Online real time Training enhance performance over all vendor management System of an organization by offering less costly ways off procurement and making business smooth .Ariba function as supply chain with procurement service to do business globally with user friendly. Online SAP Ariba Corporate Training provide organization's to link up with the genuine suppliers with point to your inside vendor and Procurement management processes show how to find errors on business . It removes overall complexity in procurement  process and suppliers and buyers can manage all key terms of Vendor  management on a single network. advantages of using Ariba online Training-
 One of the key advantages of using Ariba solution is that it simplifies procurement and Sourcing process with easy synchrony to SAP SRM and other ERP.
 Its provide one to one platform for buyers and suppliers to use architectural modifications to the hole supply chain process.
 With cloud-based solution, SAP Ariba can be accessed from different locations. It requires Very low initial capital cost for setting up the solution.
 With SAP Ariba, there is an easy setup of key procurement processes – Procure to pay (integration of purchase department with Accounts payable department), Procure to Order By maintaining shopping carts.
 There is easy relocate of master data. Organization structure, suppliers and GL data can be Easily transferred to Ariba solution using optimal way of integration.
 SAP Ariba Training enables easy transfer of transactional data. Invoice details, goods

Receipt, PO details can be easily transferred to Ariba solution with optimum integration.
Growth of SAP Ariba: Originally acquired by SAP in 2012 mid, SAP Ariba is recognized as the Go-to place for companies to connect in order to get business done. Through its Ariba Network, 4.7mn companies in over 190 countries are connected, unlocking new
Opportunities and collaborating on transactions to further its business relationships. The
average SAP Ariba salary ranges from approximately ₹2.5 Lakhs per year for a
Application Support Consultant to ₹ 43.2 Lakhs per year for a Program Manager.
Salary estimates are based on 538 SAP Ariba salaries received from various employees of SAP Ariba
Why SAP Ariba Online training :
As you consider your procurement strategy, think about the four things that only a
Partnership with SAP can bring: with comfort of  your own schedule  and suitable time zone. 
1. A deeper understanding of spend – Manage the complexities of all kinds of
spend by putting decades of SAP expertise and specific solution capabilities to
2. Real business process integration – Implement a source-to-pay process that is
truly seamless, integrated end to end with your pay processes, back-end
Systems, and trading partners to deliver optimal value.
3. A business network that connects you with everything – Evolve past portals
to engage in collaborative commerce with a global community filled with current
Partners and millions of potential new suppliers.
4. Problem-solving today with an eye on tomorrow – Stay resilient with a future-
focused platform of SAP solutions that can scale and grow with your company,
No matter where it stands today or goes tomorrow.

Today, more than 6.7 million companies — including more than half of the Global 2000-Use Ariba Network to streamline and automate their collaborative business processes.
Below are the countries where SAP Ariba Used:
1-United States of America
4-United Kingdom
8- India
60% of SAP Ariba Buying customers are in United States, 7% are in United
Kingdom and 5% are in India.
SAP Ariba Buying customers by industry, we find that Information
Technology and Services (14%) and Computer Software (9%) are the
Largest segments. Of all the customers that are using SAP Ariba Buying, a majority (70%) are large (>1000 employees), 7% are in United
Kingdom and 5% are in India. SAP Ariba Buying customers by industry, we find that Information Technology and Services (14%) and Computer Software (9%) are the
Largest segments.

SRM and P2P  is very close to Sap Ariba, however its a cloud-based and user-friendly system  like  Amazon and eBay supports, both customers (buyers and sellers )for the full sale activity, including fact of complying and other business concerns.

SAP SRM, P2P and Logistics background consultant most come and showing interested for Ariba Consultant and below you will also find out why become a certified in SAP Ariba is a great next move or!

Purchased to more projects

SAP acquired Ariba in the year 2014 month of may for $4.4 billion approx. and there is today roughly 3 million companies that use the Ariba system. Ariba  is the cloud-based B2B platform where customers find each other to do business on same place. This platform is colossal and  a trillion dollars in traffic each years. From  mid 2014 to  till date, the Ariba network has grown with  approx. 900 000 new customers in their list. There are so much new projects so need consultants to support in implementing and upgrading to Ariba.

market share of SAP Ariba?

Ariba market share is approximately 29.8%. 

What do customers say about SAP Ariba discovery?

SAP Ariba's benefits by industry Expert, prepared review of, product features, customer support and pricing. “Ariba Discovery has been helpful for me because I took over a different region and category with a learning curve.

Who are some of the clients of SAP Ariba?

Some of the SAP Ariba clients are that hundreds of companies worldwide, including HP Inc. and Unilever Which US state has the majority number of Ariba customers? California has the majority number of US customers numbering around 556.

How to check availability in SAP Ariba Network?

How do I monitor exceptions in SAP Ariba Network?

To monitoring exclusion in SAP Ariba Network Supply Chain Collaboration you need at least SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP07. To monitor the entire SAP Ariba Network scenario you need to monitor the on premise SAP Ariba Network Integration add-on as well as the integration solution.

checked Availability via EEM script execution on the source system or target system.  exceptions detected in Ariba Network during the last some hour. some exceptions detected in SAP Ariba Network. some Exception statistics are retrieved from central Exception Management in SAP Solution Manager.

2. Cloud is where it’s at

Cloud solutions are now taking center stage with less implementations Ariba is implemented both On Premise and the S/4 HANA platform. Ariba is a dynamic and cost efficient module that speaks for all of SAP’s customer within purchasing and selling.

As  some  consultants are interest to joining the high demand  and up coming cloud market, the rate is aggressive with constant implementations and give a chance to work with the sap S/4 HANA industry And this is a platform that is not going away anytime soon. Stay relevant As above, Ariba is a cloud-based solution where upgrades are done over the whole solution, for all its customers. As a consultant, it is important to have a certification to ensure your knowledge and capability to your clients. Once you are certified it is vital to keep training and be up to date with new releases and upgrades in SAP Ariba.

4.What is the error code for Ariba Network response?

Ariba Network Response is :"Bad Request" and Error Code:"400" and Error Code Response: Error :all Detail is not a valid confirmation status for header level A reference to Error Code : CIG-PLT-00644.

The advantage of SAP Ariba are its cloud-based solutions, its management solutions, and its global Ariba network. Some details With SAP Ariba cloud-based solutions modules , businesses become more competitive and collaborative . There is normal software or hardware required in the installation. its no matter to Wherever , whenever, and whatever browsers they are using to install, users can access the software.  ERP system a organization may already have can be easily integrated with the software, not only extending functionality but also giving users the ability to collaborate with trading partners and shares. Those insights are used by SAP Ariba to aid in the negotiation of better distribute. The charge of services and goods can also be lowered without any added risks or missed compliance, thanks to the network of suppliers users are connected to. Accenture’s felicitated intelligent procurement SAP Ariba solution was selected as a Digital Trailblazer winner of the SAP Innovation Awards. Every situation of the journey is appraised and estimated against a desired business outcome to confirm value is being delivered. SAP Ariba provide users  Ariba Network, which connects all stakeholders and systems in a simple, smart and friendly way. Costs cutting, risks lower, and products are able to go to the market thanks to this network. The Ariba Network worked through this solutions like item cost tracing, supply availability perception and evaluation, integration of sourcing and product design teams, reduction of excess inventory, and contract compliance enhancement. its name of the few.

                                              Ariba Training Modules


  • About Ariba
  • Ariba Procurement
  • Introduction to Ariba & its Orientation
  • Solution Overview

 SAP Ariba Sourcing

  • Introduction to SAP Ariba sourcing
  • Creating Events
  • Project Management
  • Event Management Advance Features
  • Creating Auctions & Awarding
  • RFI
  • RFP
  • Create Auction
  • Template Creation
  • Guided Sourcing

 SAP Ariba Contracts

  • Ariba Contracts: Introduction
  • Creating Contract Requests & Projects
  • Contract Authoring, Redlining, Reviewing
  • SAP Ariba Contracts: Preparing Main Agreement Templates with Enhanced Contract Authoring
  • System Admin. for Collaborative Sourcing Solutions


  • Supplier Enablement
  • Supplier Registration & Creation
  • Supplier Qualification/Disqualification Process
  • Supplier Survey
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Conducting Supplier Training
  • Spend Visibility


  • Prepackaged Reports
  • Analytical Reports
  • Compound Reports

 SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing

  • Create Requisition
  • Create Invoice
  • Invoice Management
  • Supplier Groups


  • SAP Ariba Catalog Overview
  • Uploading, Importing & Managing Catalogs- Buyer, Supplier’s end
    • Types of Catalogs • SAP Ariba Administration
    • SAP Ariba Core Administration
    • Approval Flow Configuration
    • SAP Ariba Integration Overview
    • Ariba Supplier and Buyer Network
    • Ariba Discovery

    • AP Ariba Administration and Configuration

Ariba Network and Ariba Discovery


  • CIG Network & Integration
  • User Configuration
  • Setup Process Flow
  • Integration of Procurement Data
  • Integration of Supplier Data


What are the modules in Ariba?


SAP Ariba Spend Analysis classifies and enriches your company's spend data with market intelligence and provides advanced analytics so that you can understand your spend by supplier, buyer, category, and part to drive savings and deliver strategic value.

Spend analysis basically used for the process of identifying, cleansing, gathering, grouping, categorizing and analyzing your organization's  all spend data. This is done with the goal of decreasing procurement costs and improving efficiencies by increasing visibility and transparency of your industry.

What are the 4 stages in spend analysis?
Image result for what is SPEND ANALYSIS – SAP ARIBA
Spend analytics is the process of collecting, cleansing, classifying, and analyzing spend data through either dedicated software or one-off spend cubes.

the benefits of use   spend analysis has Improves the Visibility of Your Business' Finances, Reduces Costs and all Unnecessary Spending, Identifies Inefficiencies, Helps to Improve Value with Vendor Compliance, Mitigates Risk, Improves Administration, Repeatability.

A spend analysis is the process of cataloging business spend data and reviewing it in order to identify inefficiencies, root out unnecessary costs, remove waste and redundancies, and find gaps within the supply chain to make changes that will ultimately reduce costs

How do you present a spend analysis?
Seven Steps to Success
First: Identify your Information Sources.
second: Gather Data in a Central Location.
Third: Cleanse to a High Standard.
Four: Group by Supplier.
Five: Categorize.
Six: Analyze.

What is spend management and spend analysis what are its differences?
Spend Analysis is actually a subgroup of Spend Management. A important of Spend Management engagement is impossible without a detailed and accurate Spend Analysis programs. So its mainly two concepts – Spend Management and Spend Analysis – used interchangeably, you will know the difference between two.

How strategic sourcing is linked with spend analysis?
A spend analytics platform focused on strategic sourcing gathers information from disparate systems to create a single source of truth of the company's spending. This includes information related to IT, travel, infrastructure, raw materials, administration, leisure, office supplies, transportation, and more
 the benefits and constraints to performing a spend analysis at your organization when following up on realized savings and It ensures better compliance. It can be used to estimate the buying organization's sustainability impact. It can become a vital part in the forecasting and budgeting process.

the benefits and constraints to performing a spend analysis at your organization
It is of vital usage when following up on realized savings. It ensures better compliance. It can become a vital part in the forecasting and budgeting process. It can be used to estimate the buying organization's sustainability impact.

What is strategic sourcing in  SAP Ariba?
Image result for what is STRATEGIC SOURCING – A SAP ARIBA
Strategic sourcing is a procurement process that connects data collection, spend analysis, market research, negotiation, and contracting. It stops short of the actual purchase of and payment for goods and services.

the difference between  strategic sourcing and sourcing.
The general difference between  traditional sourcing and strategic sourcing  is that sourcing focuses on supplier pricing whereas strategic sourcing has evolved into a more dynamic process with cost being only one component of a hierarchy of corporate needs, such as assurance of supply, service, quality, innovation

 the difference between procurement and strategic sourcing
Procurement is a little different from strategic sourcing. Purchasing involves tactical day-to-day transactions that involve the issuance of purchase orders to suppliers. While strategic sourcing represents a variety of sourcing activities, including: Supplier development.
5 core processes for strategic sourcing
1-Strategic Sourcing: Five Steps to Secure the Best Suppliers
2-Evaluate, collect data and build a strategy.
3-Determine the right engagement model.
4-Research and award your supplier.
5-Contract implementation.
6-Invoice set up and monitoring.

Why do we need strategic sourcing?
Strategic sourcing allows companies to enhance their purchasing power to achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership and reduce supply chain risks.

What does a strategic sourcing specialist do?
A strategic sourcing specialist optimizes the supply chain or procurement processes for a company or business. Their job duties include working with suppliers and vendors to negotiate contracts and improve processes related to parts and inventory receipt.
Ariba Contract Management is a comprehensive solution designed to remove the paper and ink from the creation, implementation and management of any type of contractual agreement. With Ariba Contract Management, companies can enhance operational, contractual and regulatory compliance.
What is meant by contract management?
Image result for what is CONTRACT MANAGEMENT – in SAP ARIBA
Contract management is the process of managing agreements, from their creation through to their execution by the chosen party, and to the eventual termination of the contract
How many types of contracts are there in Ariba?
SAP Ariba Procurement solutions support four types of contracts: which covers all products from a supplier
 role of contract management.
Contract managers are responsible for simplifying creation, negotiation, execution, compliance, warehousing, and renewal across all departments within an organization, and often rely on contract management software to streamline the process.
 Contract management and its examples
Contract management is the process of handling and carrying out a contract's obligations for vendors, clients, employees or others. Some everyday examples of contracts include apartment leases, employment and terms of use for software.
 the steps in contract management
The Contract management process includes a contract request or initiation, authoring, negotiation/redlining and approval stages, execution and signature as well as obligation monitoring, renewals, amendments and expiration




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I am VIJAYAPRIYA.S undergoing SAP ARIBA training. This is to bring it to your notice that your faculty doing a great job and I am undertaking SAP ARIBA sessions under his guidance. It has been really a nice one.
I was very much impressed by the way Trainer conducted the DEMO. Your Trainer is an asset to your coaching classes. He is very flexible, and patient enough to answer all my queries. Thanks for your wonderful guidance and keep up the great work. Thanks Once again

Subi Satyan
SAP Ariba Online Training

Took SAP Ariba refresher classes and trainer was really hands on with the solution and able to take us through the solution in a structured manner.