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Sap AFS Online Training

SAP Apparel and Footwear solution (SAP AFS) is the SAP e-business solution for the apparel and footwear industry. SAP AFS was developed in collaboration with renowned industry leaders to address the requirements of the apparel and footwear industry. The
development of the solution was mainly aimed on illustrating industry-specific processes based on the SAP e-business platform, a family of solutions and services that empowers employees, customers, and business partners to collaborate successfully anywhere, anytime.
SAP AFS allows you to benefit from the latest SAP technology and infrastructure
enhancements. It is the obvious choice for companies operating in the apparel and footwear sector. The apparel and footwear industry are highly competitive and fragmented due to low barriers of entry. So, it is one of the most competitive and challenging industries that exists in all of retail. Due to the constant challenges and high demand within the global AFS business environment, retailers are instantly creating new trends and battling against the relentless pressure of high costs and changing lead times. Adaptability is critical in order to remain competitive.
To help retailers combat against the numerous challenges of the apparel and footwear
industry, AFS offers a unique set of services and solutions that help empower business
partners, employees, and customers, providing them to work in successful partnerships. SAP AFS is available on-demand from any position and across any platform. Offering for the use of the latest SAP technology and infrastructure, AFS is an obvious solution for companies in the apparel and footwear industry.

Advantages of AFS:
Fast Order Entry
Screens designed specifically for SAP AFS have helped speed up manual order entry. Status data such as Sales area and Customer ship-to are displayed on each screen. You are not restricted to utilizing the SAP AFS fast order entry screens; you can create your own screens to suit your individual requirements. This can be particularly useful in a tele sales environment.
Credit Card Processing
The system automates credit card processing by prompting for credit card details (such as number, expiration date, and so on) and auto-dialing for authorization. On receipt of
authorization, it captures the details needed for later settlement.

Mark For Feature

SAP AFS "mark for" information helps direct deliveries to particular points within a customer organization. This feature is often used when a large retail chain requests an order to be shipped to a distribution centre and "marked for" a store or department for cross-docking. "Mark for" information such as department names and details can be automatically copied into the sales orders as a new partner function. Customer-run loading points information may also be copied from the customer master record.
Rush Orders
SAP AFS is equipped to handle rush orders if stock requires to be shipped immediately. Sales order entry, allocation, and delivery creation are all carried out at the same time, so that the order can be given to picking without delay.
Value-Added Services
Many retailers need services, usually done in the distribution center, which change or
enhance the appearance of their goods before accepting delivery. Such services (such as
packing, ticketing, hanging, hemming, and so on) make sure that goods can be put on
display immediately upon arrival.


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