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SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) is software that provides companies to support and define import and export trade processes in SAP ERP. According to the vendor, GTS minimizes the time and costs of complying with global trade regulations and provides visibility into the supply chain while goods are in transit, which enables to resolve issues that can impede goods from clearing customs in a timely manner. SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) enables you to automate your international trade processes, manage your partners and compliance-related documents and make sure that your company monitors and complies with the ongoing revisions and amendments to international legal requirements.

Key Capabilities:
Sanctioned party list (SPL) screening: 

Support sanctioned party list screening across sales, finance, HR, procurement, and distribution. If a transaction fails a check, the software blocks it for instant review. Work lists allow efficient processing of blocked documents, and user-friendly workflows escalate questionable entries.

Export management:
Connect with core logistics processes to help make sure compliant and efficient export
management and support product classification, sanctioned party list screening, export
license control and determination, embargo screening, and connections to multiple
government customs systems through a certified interface.

Import management:
Integrate with procurement and inbound logistics processes and support product
classification, sanctioned party list screening, and permit and customs management. Carry out importer security filing (ISF) and connect to the Customs and Border Protection. Automated Broker Interface (ABI).
Real-time compliance checks:
Allows real-time compliance checks and controls. Integration with order and shipment
processes supported by SAP Business Suite enables you keep compliance-related data and your products moving as quickly as possible.
Assists for special customs procedures
Meet customs requirements, such as foreign trade zones, processing trade in China, bonded warehousing, settlement for inward processing and processing under customs control, Intrastat, and the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS).
Accelerated application data analysis
Utilize SAP HANA as the primary database for SAP Global Trade Services. On the basis of
powerful in-memory computing technology, SAP HANA includes tools for data modeling, data and lifecycle management, and security.

Components of SAP GTS:
The four major components of SAP GTS are –
SAP Customs Management
The SAP GTS custom management allows you to handle all the custom processes. It allows you connect with the custom authorities. Handling imports or export, inward processing and custom warehousing can be mapped using GTS. Moreover, it has a duty simulator that allows you manage your duties and taxes. You can classify your products utilizing international classifications. These consist of HS, NC, and Taric.
SAP GTS Compliance Management
This feature allows you track all tasks related to import and export processes. This ensures that the entire process always abides the trade and legal regulations. Companies can monitor processes such as sanctions and verify business documents.
SAP Electronic Compliance Reporting
This feature enables companies in submitting the statistical reports during a trade. This
applied between two European Union member states. For this, the company must submit the statistics. This must be as per the data format described by the country’s statistics authorities. This data submission or declaration is known as Intrastat declarations. Furthermore, this reporting provides you to send Intrastat declarations to the appropriate authorities. This outcomes in faster processing of processing of imports and exports. And the automated processes enable to increase the company’s productivity.
SAP Risk Management
Risk management helps companies to reduce the financial risks of their trade activities. The main facilities under this feature are:
Preference processing: Preference processing makes sure that all legal requirements for
custom preferences are fulfilled. Letter of Credit Processing: GTS risk management enables businesses to integrate export and import processes.
Restitution: It supports exporters to handle restitution processes. This confirms the
fulfillment of all needs for restitution payments.

The GTS components assists you in your global trade processes and in your dealings with the
customs or government authorities in order to
 Speed up customs processing for imports and exports and prevent unnecessary
 Minimize fines and penalty payments imposed through noncompliance with the
trade regulations;
 Protect your brand and reputation and prevent trade with companies and states
under sanctions or embargoes;
 Avoid time-consuming, manual compliance tasks and boost productivity thanks to
automated processes;
 Improve the company’s earnings by saving on customs expenses.

Advantages of SAP GTS:
 Automation and streamlining of import/ export processes.
 Reducing the IT maintenance costs.
 Mitigates business risks.
 Proper compliance with existing trade regulations.
 Offers companies to leverage the trade regulations to their advantage.
 Handling the supply chain and enhancing the communication among different
 Utilize SAP GTS, expensive shipment delays at borders can be avoided.
 Enables companies with their compliance requirements and customs clearance
 Lowers the compliance issues and accelerates the export or import processes.
 Enables in auditing, where company officials can attach export/ import permits to
GTS declarations.
 It can be easily set up with an ERP system for managing trade issues.

How to find the best solution for your company?
In small and medium-sized companies, the foreign trade functionality SD-FT from the ERP system is also often used Application. Some of the requirements of foreign trade can be covered with the functional areas of Intrastat, export compliance, preference processing and documentary transactions. But with S/4HANA, SAP has changed the approach to foreign trade processing. Foreign Trade (SD-FT) is now becoming obsolete.
Anyone planning to use an IT solution for customs and foreign trade processes should deal with individual requirements and the organizational and system-technical possibilities at an early stage and only then decide on SAP GTS or International Trade under S/4.

The system for Global Trade Services (GTS) lets you automate your global trade
transactions, manage large numbers of business partners and documents, and ensure that your company always complies with constantly changing international legal regulations. This solution supports your global trade activities with the tools you need to participate in the modernized systems and electronic means of communication used by government agencies and customs authorities. GTS helps you avoid costly delays and financial risks involved with imports and exports, enabling you to react to international business opportunities quickly.


Course Content





                 Overview of SAP GTS

 SAP GTS Modules & Sub Modules

 Compliance Management

 Customs Management

 Risk Management

 Global Trade Challenges

 SAP GTS Business Benefits

 SAP GTS Solution Overview



 GTS Basic Mapping Settings

 System Architecture Overview

 ATLAS system



 Organization Structure

 Partner Structure                                                        

 Document Structure

 Legal Regulation



 Sanction Party list screening

 Embargo Check

 License determination process Flow

 Configuration Of license determination

 License determination strategy



 Product classification

 numbering schemes

 Tariff/Commodity code maintenance

 Classifying products

 Customs processing

 Pot processing framework

 Overview of customs processing service

 Overview of message determination

 Overview of Transit procedure service



 Overview of preference processing

 Rules of Origin

 Preference Processing in GTS

 Preference Processing

 Overview or restitution processing

 Business process in restitution processing


30-35 hrs

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