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Rubrik online training

Rubrik is a backup and recovery result that can be used as a gathered data operation
platform for physical, virtual, and mongrel surroundings. The result works to cover your data
and operations from ransomware, functional failures, and guileful workers, and also helps
your association simplify data operation and accelerate pall mobility. In addition, Rubrik is
designed for pall integration and horizonless scalability to enable cold-blooded pall for all
Rubrik’s software is also erected to support utmost operating systems, databases,
hypervisors, shadows, and SaaS operations, and the result integrates with on- demesne
tackle if necessary.

Rubrik Features:
Rubrik has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:
 Instant recovery
 Live-restore
 Single console
 Automatic incremental backups
 Policy-driven automation
 Instant search
 Live Mount capability
 Compliance and capacity customized reporting
 Quick and efficient snapshots
 Multiple backup destinations
 Deduplication and file compression
 Intuitive web interface

Benefits of Rubik:
 Backup Everything: You do not need to buy redundant hardware specifically for backing
up your data, you can use any hardware that you formerly have.
 Recover from anywhere: you do not need to be on the same point of your backups in
order to recover them.
 Automation: Rubrik has a web interface where utmost tasks can be done with an easy
workflow system.
 Scalability: It is not limited to a certain amount of offers.


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