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Prism ERP Online Training

Platform Ready and Integrated System for Multi-Dimensional (PRISM) Businesses. PrismERP is a Web-based business management solution to maximize productivity and increase operational efficiency. PRISMhas core business modules that are capable to manned &control administrative managerial business propositions completely& centrally. Reducing the downtime and increasing the productivity of customers & employees are highly ensured by the automated functionalities of PrismERP. PrismERP is designed to operate various business solutions under a single independent platform. It is an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software that provides a strong base for growth and has been designed as a platform ready integrated system for multi-dimensional business. The system is diversified with a user-friendly atmosphere that enables business professionals identify all the financial achievements and uplift management skills with precise analysis of business insights.PrismERP is a platform for reaching a greater height of business productivity in a competitive market, and is the key to business intelligence standardization. PrismERP covers more than 30 different business solutions locally and globally based on the client's demand.PrismERP is anindependent ERP systemplatform. The client may utilize Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems randomly and simultaneously, still PrismERP can function on these platforms seamlessly.PrismERP can operate in the Cloud Environment along with In-premise Environment depending on the needs of the client. It perfectly adapts the working conditions typically exist in SME organizations. PrismERP control the complex workflows of manufacturing industries very easily. More than the workflows, the challenging part is to offer flexibility required by SMEs in the given workflows. The highlighting features of PrismERP is as follows:


  • Sales order booking / Order Acceptance
  • Work order generation
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Production plan and scheduling
  • Material Indenting – Auto/ Manual mode
  • Purchase order processing
  • Material Inwards / GRN, Material Rejection
  • Purchase bill booking
  • Production – Assembly manufacturing & Process Manufacturing
  • Machine scheduling and production process tracking
  • Subcontracting – Jobwork-out / Jobwork-in
  • Accounts & Finance
  • MIS and Analysis

 Usage in Industries:

Textile & Apparel, Public Companies, Steel & Aluminium, Power & Energy, Financial Service, Technology, Tiles & Ceramic, Retail, Electronics, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Foods & Beverages, Plastic, NGO


30-35 hrs

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