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Plex DemandCaster Online Training

Plex DemandCaster is supply chain planning as you have always imagined robust and
intuitive with enlightening visualizations and cloud-based. Developed to work the way
planners work, our solutions encompass the complete spectrum of supply chain planning,
consisting of advanced forecasting, inventory optimization, S&OP, demand, and supply
planning, MPS/MRP, capacity planning, along with distribution requirements planning. Plex
DemandCaster empowers organizations to get ahead and stay ahead with unmatched levels
of insight and agility.

Plex DemandCaster allows you to:
Optimize your inventory
Match demand to supply with ease
Understand the current state of your business at all levels
Benefit from sales and operations planning (S&OP)
Remove organizational silos and unite the business
Run your business securely with the added benefit of the cloud

Key features:
 Move with certainty and speed with timely, data-driven insights, a version of the
truth, and rich visualizations that bring everything into sharp focus.
 Stay ahead of the unexpected and take the right decisions, every time from planning
right through to execution with flexible software that connects people, processes,
and data.
 Gain peace of mind with access to the planning capabilities you require right now
and as your needs expand with a solution that is comprehensive, future-ready, and
architected to develop.
 Plex DemandCaster supply chain planning software is built natively for the cloud,
allowing you to foster collaboration and further distance yourself from your

Plan with confidence
Unite your organization and planning variables to solve inventory problems quickly and

Control your inventory
Gain insight into excessive stock, product shortages, and breaks in the supply chain.
Grow faster
Connect and synchronize your product, manufacturing, and distribution activity to
streamline communication.
Trust your data
Optimize planning with accurate forecasting and reporting that contributes to your bottom


30-35 hrs

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