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Oracle Transport Management (OTM) Online Training

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Training is a tool for shippers and logistic providers that provides transportation planning and execution capabilities and integrates transportation planning, execution, freight payment. It provides a single platform for companies to manage all transportation activity throughout their supply chains. The solution allows companies to minimize cost, optimize service levels, and create flexible business process automation within their global transportation and logistics networks. Designed to support the needs of both shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs), OTM creates an information bridge across functional silos, geographic regions, languages, currencies, and business units, and supports customers from basic transportation needs to highly complex logistics requirements.

Benefits of OTM Corporate Training:

  • Visibility of Supply Chain: Oracle Transportation Management Training platform allows a vertical integration between software and hardware, eliminating bottlenecks of processing. With a multi-process architecture, the performance is nine times greater and the visibility in real time increases.
  • Availability of Operation:  OTM Online Training designed for managing information and business needs, this platform has a flexible design and a scalable architecture. It is why it supports the integration of several languages, measure units, and business models in only one database.
  • Quick Implementation: Compared to other solutions that require more time, expertise, money, and achieving an adequate configuration, Oracle Transportation Management Training optimizes these processes. It includes the Oracle Virtual Machine template, that has pre-configured values, application instances ready to run, and all the necessary configuration pre-installed.
  • Lower Cost of Property: OTM software requires less maintenance and implementation. The expense associated with the personnel is reduced because it is a pre-built system, simple to manage and with free support for hardware.


OTM 6.4 Core Competence 

Learn to:

Enter data to model sample business processes

Create an order and release an order in OTM

Create shipments from orders

Execute shipments

Settle transportation costs


Who Can Benefit? 

End Users

Functional Implementer

Project Manager

Technical Consultant



Understand the transport process of company

Basic knowledge of transportation and logistics processes

Introduction to Freight /Transport Management System.



In this intensive and hands-on course, you'll learn about the core functional components of OTM.

Learn To:

  • Describe the Oracle Transportation Management and Global Trade Management product options.
  • Find what you need in OTM.
  • Understand how to customize OTM pages.
  • Enter data to model sample business process.
  • Create an order and release an order in OTM.
  • Create buy shipments from orders.
  • Execute buy shipments.
  • Enter buy shipment tracking events.
  • Review order movements.
  • Review network routing.
  • Optionally, review OTM log files.
  • Optionally, review how to upload data to OTM via CSV files.
  • Optionally, review use of ground schedules and trip templates.


OTM Functional Course Contents

Introduction and Basic OTM Concepts

  • Adding and Retrieving OTM Data
  • Course Overview
  • Customizing OTM
  • Setting OTM Preferences
  • Reviewing OTM Terminology
  • Navigating OTM

Scenario 1: Creating Orders and Planning Shipments in OTM

  • Entering Shipment Tracking Events
  • Managing Orders in OTM
  • Manually Modifying Shipments
  • Viewing OTM Statuses
  • Understanding Visibility for Orders and Shipments
  • Planning Shipments
  • Tendering Shipments

Scenario 2: Configuring OTM to Build and Tender a Multi-stop Shipment

  • Creating Commodities and Items
  • Configuring Automation Agents
  • Creating Equipment Groups and Equipment Group Profiles
  • Creating Itineraries
  • Creating Service Providers and Configuration Contact Notification
  • Creating and Releasing Order Bases and Bulk Planning the Order Releases
  • Creating Locations, Corportations, Calendars, and Contacts
  • Configuring Rate Distance, Rate Service, Rate Offerings, and Rate Records for Truckload and LTL

Scenario 3: Building a Multi-leg Shipment

  • Planning a Multi-leg Shipment and Viewing Order Movements
  • Creating Rate Offerings and Rate Records for Vessel
  • Viewing Staged Data (Items, Equipment Groups, Service Providers and Truckload Rates)
  • Creating Order Releases
  • Creating a Multi-leg Itinerary
  • Defining Accessorials and Special Services
  • Querying for Truckload and Vessel Rates
  • Configuring Auto Assignment Rules





OTM Admin and Technical Content


OTM Architecture

System Architecture (Web, APP, DB, Integration Server).


OTM Administration

User Management.

o User Roles.

o User Levels.

o User Creations.

o VPD Management.


User Interface (Look & Feel)

o Screen Set Management

o Style Sheets

o User Menus.

o Localization.

Understanding OTM Log Files.


Understanding Application scenarios

Setups and their usage.

Multi Leg, Multi Stop Scenarios.

Business Number Generation.

Automation Agents


Working OTM Integrations

OTM Integration Configurations

XML Files generation and Modifications.

Overview of Data Dictionary

Walk through Important Tables and Relational Table

Preparation and explanation of Standard XML ie Order Release, Shipment, etc




30-35 hrs

Shipping & Returns


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