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Oracle Sales Cloud Training

Oracle Sales Cloud helps modern selling with tools that are easy to deploy and utilize, completely mobile, packed with powerful analytics, and built for collaborative selling and revenue generation. Oracle Sales Cloud contains a set of features for creating and tracking sales campaigns, developing leads into business opportunities, and pursuing opportunities to generate revenue. Sales accounts, leads, and opportunities can be automatically provided to territories and sales teams. The Oracle Sales Cloud adapter helps customers to easily combined their on-premises or SaaS applications with Oracle Sales Cloud without having to know the specific details involved in the integration. Integration with Oracle Fusion Applications may involve several design-time and runtime considerations that require users to manually build and control additional logic into their integration for authentication, session management, fault handling, data transformation mappings, and so on. The Oracle Sales Cloud adapter decreases the cost of building and maintaining this complex logic with out-of-the-box features like a graphical, point-and-click, wizard-based designer.

 The Oracle Sales Cloud connection: Generates automatic mapping to the exposed business object or event subscription that you select during adapter configuration:

 1.Business object: Illustrate a self-contained business document that can be acted upon by the integration. An integration can send requests to create a new record for that business object. They can send a request either to update or delete an existing record for a business object. Integrations can also send requests to retrieve information about one or more records representing that business object.

 2.Event subscription: Represents an event document to which you subscribe. The event subscription is raised by the Oracle Sales Cloud application.

 Prerequisites: Experience on Oracle is required for taking the oracle Sales Cloud Implementation training.

 Salary package: Average Oracle Sales Representative salary in India is approximately ₹ 13.6 Lakhs for experience between 6 years to 12 years. Sales Representative salary at Oracle India ranges between ₹ 12.5 Lakhs to ₹ 15.9 Lakhs.


Course Content
Understanding Sales Cloud
Sales Management
Sales Performance Management
Sales Tools
Analytics And Reports
Oracle Sales Cloud
Course Conclusion
Working with Sales Cloud
Course Introduction
Administration Overview
Initial Setup Tasks
Managing Lookups
Managing Users
Actitvities and Accounts
Contacts and Households
Leads and Opportunities
Multiple Business Units
Sales Performance Management
File-Based Import and Export
Implementing Sales Cloud
Oracle Sales Cloud Overview
Getting Started
Profile Options
Accounting Calendar
Sales Catalogs
Oracle Social Network
Managing Cloud Users and Security
Security Overview
Set Up Users
Sales Users
Security Console
Access Levels
Managing Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Managing Sales Performance Management (SPM)
Territory Assignment
Rule-Based Assignment
Managing Bulk Data Import and Export
File-Based Import And Export
Customizing Oracle Sales Cloud
Customizing Oracle Sales Cloud
Migration (CSM)
Oracle Sales Cloud: Composers and Scripting
Tailoring Oracle Sales Cloud using Composers
Course Introduction
Extending Standard Objects
Fixed Choice Lists
Dynamic Choice Lists, Drilldowns And Search And Select Dialog Boxes
Creating Custom Objects
Child Objects, Related Objects, And Relationships
Adding Subtabs
Dynamic Layouts
Field-Level Scripting
Object-Level Scripting
Debugging Scripts
Object Workflows
Process Composer
Page Composer


30-35 hrs

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