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Oracle Revenue Management and Billing Online Training

Oracle Revenue Management and Billing Solutions provides financial institutions along with a centralized pricing and billing platform that develops the billing process and reduces billing related problems. The revenue management and billing platform permits you to govern various lines of business and give customers the bill details they want to see, improving both efficiency and client’s experience. Additionally, it provides comprehensive analytics that enables to make informed pricing decisions.

Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing Cloud Service assist the power of Oracle market-leading pricing, revenue management and billing solution with the simplicity, elasticity, and safety of Oracle cloud. Oracle Revenue and Management Billing online training will give you solid foundational knowledge of the product functional features and capabilities.
 Enterprise-grade cloud service: Offers robust functionality to support globalization
of services across new and existing lines of business

 Flexible billing: Enables users to create invoices in real-time, batch, ad-hoc or on a
defined basis. This includes data entered the system around the clock, enabling
banks to produce invoices at any time, regardless of the billing cycle.
It also supports complex transactions such as rebates, earnings credits,
adjustments and corrections, across multiple metrics, such as volume, time,
transactions and events

 Subscription management: Facilitates service-based billing where the clients pay
a subscription value to have access to a product or service using any combination of
measurable metrics including usage.

 Multiparameter-based pricing: Oracle Revenue Management and Billing Cloud
Service offers pricing based on various parameters such as channel, customer,
segment, buyer’s context, customer relationship and currency. This saves the time
and effort related to establishing and maintaining various charge.

 Deal management: Provides comprehensive deal pricing capabilities that can
increase profit by analyzing deal profitability, reviewing customer price history, as
well as performing ‘what-if’ comparisons during negotiations.

 Transaction feed management: The cloud solution provides support for automatic
upload of pricing-and-billing-related transactions, enabling entities like
beneficiary, remitter, or a third party to bear the distinct charges or earn
commissions for a single transaction.

Oracle Revenue Management and Billing training improve corporate and retail billing to
maximize fee-based income.


30-35 hrs

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