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Oracle Project Management online training

Oracle Project Management offers project managers a way to keep track of and control over
every facet of their projects. You may follow and manage a project through its entire
lifecycle, from creation and planning to completion, as a project manager, by viewing
project information in a single location.

Features of Project Management:
 Workplans can be made, managed, revised, and viewed.
 Monitor results in relation to the workplan.
 Connect Oracle Projects and Microsoft Project to collaborate on a project using both
 To plan and monitor the financial performance of projects throughout the project
lifecycle, create budgets and projections.
 Analyze financial and effort data by task, resource, and time while tracking and
monitoring a project's performance
 All audience members and project stakeholders should receive a timely and uniform
view of project status information.
Project managers and team members can update the workplan with progress reports. As a
team member, you can view all individual tasks assigned to you that require progress
reports. As a project manager, you can provide progress reports for individual tasks, and
also update the progress on the whole project.
You can use workplan versioning to create multiple working versions and evaluate schedule
changes. All previously published workplan versions are stored for tracking purposes and
are saved in the historical archive.


30-35 hrs

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